Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Mosrite, Nash and other brands. We even buy Japan guitars. Tweed and other vintage amps. From Fender, Gibson and beyond. Call for highest prices paid for that unwanted guitar under the bed, closet, attic, basement or back room.

We Buy Guitars & Amps

We buy used Guitar, Amplifiers, Drums, Cymbals, Accordions, Banjos, and more. More, yes Guitar Parts, Speakers, Guitar Banners, Guitar Catalogs, or whatever you may have under the bed or in the closet. Turn it into money or trade. In fact we pay much more than that highway superstore does. Like most of the time 30-50% more, WOW! Guitars can be any name or no name at all. Some major brands like Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Ibanez, Hofner, Vox, Hagstrom, Mosrite and more. Some of the less noticed brands such as Silvertone, Harmony, Airline, Teisco, Norma, Greco, Kalamazoo, Del Ray, National, Supro, Peavey, Alamo, Univox, Kent, Bruno, Danelectro, Kay, Tele Star, Yamaha, Memphis, Decca, Framus, Jackson, Charvel, and on and on. Unwanted amps? Of course you've heard of Fender, Marshall, Gretsch, Ampeg, and others, but how about Supro, Sano, Harmony, Valco, Univox, National, Kay, Danelectro, Alamo, Premier, Maestro, and maybe the other one you have. Lets not forget effect pedal. You know those little boxes with knobs, lol. Also we buy any name drums and cymbals too. Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland, Premier, Gretsch, Leedy, Tama, Stewart, PDP, Zildjian, Sabian, just to name a few. So, don't hesitate to give us a call at 201-945-5577, send us pics at guitarboutique611@gmail.com or just come in to Guitar Boutique.





611 Bergen Blvd Ridgefield, NJ  201.945.5577  guitarboutique611@gmail.com

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