Vintage Archtops Guitars

Shown below 1959 Guild Slim Jim T-100 Vintage Burst made in Hoboken NJ.

Take a look at an old Archtop and you may agree that it's more than a Guitar. A Vintage Archtop tell's a story and is definitely a work of art. They were first born in the late 1800's and were intended to enhance the power and quality of ToneGibson is often credited for this design and was the first to bring them into production. Archtop Guitars were subsequently made by many top American Luthiers such as John D'Angelico, Jimmy D'Aquisto, William Wilkaanowski, Charles Stromberg, Gretsch and Epiphone. In Europe companies such as Hofner and Hagstrom took up the manufacture of ArchtopsArchtop Guitars were particularly adopted by both Jazz, Country, Big Bands and Swing Musicians. The Parlor Guitar was also a popular inexpensive instrument manufactured by companies such as Stella and Harmony and are associated with early Blues Musicians. So, check out a few below and call for any New Arrivals at Guitar Boutique.

         1972 Gibson ES-325

1972 Gibson ES-325 Walnut in all original condition yes including the case. Check out the grain, killer. Comes with all vintage original case, cord, paperwork, and strap. $2,499.99

   1964 Harmony H-65 Rocket

Collectors grade 1964 Harmony H-59 Rocket near mint condition. These guitars are so hard to find in this excellent condition. This one is a 9 out of 10. Great action, straight neck, Gold Foil Pickups, and that rocket look too. She has a few very small edge nicks on rear of headstock, two slight chacks on center of edge in grain, and one small edge ding. All are nothing to be alarmed about and not obvious when looking at guitar. This is the finest example of an H-59 we ever came across. Guitar is completely original with great color and grain. Comes with chipborad period case. $1,499.95

 Gibson 1969 Byrdland Archtop

We have checked this beautiful Vintage Gibson Byrdland and found it to be, to the best of our knowledge, All Original and a wonderful playing sounding guitar. We also checked with Gibson and they stated it was a 1969. It was owned by a worship leader of a church, as you can see his name on right lower of paper label, and also on a tape of outside of case (which you may remove if you would like the case label). Neck is straight with just the right relief and truss rod works. All electronics work and she sounds the best. The pickups are fantastic and very quiet. No working issues at all. We would rate the cosmetic is a strong 8+ of 10 due to about 3 minor surface scratches of face of body also shown in last 3 photos. They are old scratches and only cosmetic. There is also clear coat checking on some portions, which is very well expected, due to the age of this fine instrument. None to back of neck which could be felt when playing. No functional splits or cracks which we could find. The tone is unbelievable. Tuners work fine and are also original. The true color is the lighter photos with flash of camera. Very beautiful tone/grain to wood. Also many beautiful flames as also shown in photos. The case is also original and vintage too with no defects. Slight discoloration on blanket which cover the pickguard area, no big deal and we often have seen that. A wonderful Gibson Byrdland that will just rise in value. Here for 2 days and she's gone, sorry sold. 

Early 1940's Kalamazoo (Gibson) Archtop- Pre war Stars and Stripes. This baby has the story. Bought from the original owner, this guitar rocked in World War 2. Yes, grampa sold her and she wasn't played in years. We gave her a nice refret with period frets, replaced the tuners with vintage original tuners, and purchased a pickgurad. Not any pickguard, but a early 1950's Bakelite Tortuous Gibson L48 guard with original bracket. Not exact, but pretty close and looks the part for sure. If you don't already know, Kalamazoo was the Gibson Squier of the early years, so she's all Gibson. We set her up with flatwound 11's and a dream she is. SOLD

Below Gibson 1964 ES-120T- Another time capsule. This guitar was produced by Gibson to cater to the lower budget or student customer in the early 60's. Very hard to find in this condition because not many were produced and even less survived.  This sunburst thin line body offers a single coil Melody Maker type pickup. All electronics are housed under the large black pick guard. She has only one F-hole, one tone/volume, and Rosewood adjustable Bridge. This box is ALL ORIGINAL and plays like a dream. Unbelievable that the clipboard alligator original case also survived. It even has the plastic brown handle. A wild guitar to say the least in near mint condition. SOLD

1960 Hagstrom Viking- There's a reason why Elvis used a Viking. This sweet baby has it all going for it. She has a narrow bound neck and is in great shape. Guitar is all original and has just the right amount of aging too. Body has surface checking and just a small crack in pickguard. This is a wonderful ice tea burst. The only thing we did was gave her brand new frets. Sounds and feel just like she should. Rare to find in this condition. SOLD

VERY RARE VINTAGE HOFNER 1960's ARCHTOP JAZZ GUITAR WOHSC. Here's a Made in Germany at least 50 year old jem. If Hofner made this guitar guitar today they would charge over $2000 for it today and even more as a vintage guitar. She's so cool with her raised fingerboard violin style neck. We think the body has a one piece maple top and back. Here's the bomb, it has a 3 position switch on body face. We were told the first position is passive, the second is active, and the third would turn signal so you can plug into a radio (at that time). Now only the 1 position works because we have no way to test the active stage. The electronics work fine but the bottoms do not change the sound. Only 1 volume knob working now. The battery compartment is at the rear strap button. It takes a European size cel which we do not have. Its has a sliding trap door, metal, with a hold down screw as shown in pics. This guitar sounds great in 1st position and also acoustic. The action is fine and the frets shown no wear. There is also still room on adjustable bridge to adjust string height higher or lower. The over all condition is excellent with only one small scrap on bottom side shown in pictures. The bindings are cracked but we cant find any that are loose. Some are also yellowed due to age. The Hofner sticker on face in perfect. There is no model or paper label in sound hole that we can find. On tail piece, in tiny print reads Made In Germany. The nut measures 1 5/8" and the string height is 1/8" at the 12th fret. NO ISSUES at all with this great guitar. ALL ORIGINAL and a playing rare museum piece of musical history for sure. Sold with original hardshell case. SOLD

Very cool Vinatge Archtop Guitar. Think it's 1940's but has no markings not even in body. Has V Neck, measures almost 16" wide across body, nut 1 3/4" wide, and has a 26" scale. Strings high action, has slight crack in binding at heel of neck but only in the binding. Heel of neck is flush to body as it should be. The saddle may be cut down to lower strings to be a playing guitar and not a lap slide guitar. Pick guard is fantastic, made of celluloid, with infraction in middle as shown in photo, (still fine). Frets are fine and we think once this guitar is set right it will have real nice tone. Guitar is all original. Listed as Poor Condition but can definitely be brought back to very good condition. Shipped in period clipboard case in OK, but not great, condition. Save this guitar it's beautiful! SOLD

Epiphone E444TC Granada- Yes, just a little bit harder to find in the Honey Burst with a wonderful Florentine Cutaway also. Also 100% Original and unusual Mint Condition. Paper label in f hole. This baby may be late 1960's. Comes with Original Hardshell Case. Sorry Sold

Below Gretsch 6186- Here's a great Fred Gretsch 1968 Clipper Archtop. This 100% original guitar sounds wonderfully warm. Action fine and shows off a Sunburst Original Finish. De Armond Single Coil Pickup. Comes with Original Hardshell Case. SORRY SOLD

Guild A-50 Archtop- Sunburst 1965 made in Hoboken NJ All Original with DeArmond Pick-up. Neck was professional repaired at below headstock area many years ago. Sounds great and comes with Period Clipboard Case. SOLD

Gibson ES 125- Vintage Burst All Original ES 125 from the mid 1950's. Color is much closer to second body picture but is really not a sunburst. Wood grain is wonderful. Condition excellent with no issues. 

Sorry, this guitar is SOLD.

Granada Crazy! Lets look at this Fantastic Mid 1960's Non Cutaway model. She's Epiphone E444T Granada Sunburst in Mint Condition. No ware to be found. Paper Label in F Hole and that's right, made in Kalamazoo. Check the water slide decal on center of headstock. This decal has been there since it's first years probably from new. Decal states SID KLEINER MUSIC STUDIOS CALIFON NJ. This guitar is 100% Original, feels and sounds great. The look, well it's got that too. Comes with period chip board case. So hard to find this guitar in this condition. Sorry, this non-cutaway sunburst has SOLD.

Epiphone EA-250- Made in Japan 1970's archtop in very good condition. Almost no fret wear with no nicks or scratches to speak of. Missing whammy bar but we are trying to locate one. Light coin for a cool sounding vintage archtop. Comes with period clipborad nice condition case. Priced with bar. SORRY SOLD

Harmony Hollywood H38- This Harmony H38 dates to about 1957-59 and has a nice vintage DeArmond Gold Foil Pickup. Action is medium, but if you would like a lower action, we will be happy to cut that bridge a bit down. Guitar is in  nice vintage condition. All original except the period style Rosewood Bridge and reproduction Harmony Pick Guard. SOLD


Guild T50- Here's an just wonderful vintage guitar. Made in Hoboken New Jersey, this T-50 Sunburst Hollow Archtop is fabulous. She's just like the T-100 Slim Jim but without the cutaway. This baby's a 1965 and has the Mickey Mouse DeArmond Pickup. They called it that because it was the smallest of DeArmond's and was their answer to a Fender Single Coil. This pup was not used on that many models and hard to find. The wood  and condition on this guitar is real nice as you can see. Guild inlay is early and not decal. Sound is warm and clean. Just great for many types of music. $1,195.00  Sorry, this item is SOLD.


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