I guess about the best place to begin the history of Univox is in the early 60's, with the company Unicord purchased the Amplifier Corporation of America (ACA) in Westbury, NY and marketed a series of tube amps under the name Univox. Before that Unicord was a manufacturer of electronic transformers. 

In 1967 Unicord was purchased by Gulf + Western (the oil company). Around this time Unicord merged with Merson, a guitar improter that made lines like "Tempo", "Giannini" and "Hagstrom". This new company was called "Merson Musical Products, A Division of Unicord Incorporated, A Gulf + Western Systems Company", at least until Merson and Unicord spilt in 1975. In 1968 company this company was still making amps, though they were hybrid amps with tubes and transistors. 

Also around 1968, the famous Hi-Flyer line was started, which continued for several years. Around this time Univox also started copying Les Pauls and the Ampeg Dan Armstrong. In 1971, Univox introduced its "Badazz", a copy of a Guild S-100. Some of these copies were actually made by Aria, which seems to have made a lot of copy guitars for other companies. Around 70-71 was when Univox changed the logo on their guitars from plastic ones to the decal under the finish. 

Around 1975, Univox and Merson split, but Unicord kept marketing Univox equipment for a few years after that, until about 1978. These included the old guitars and new ones, like a copy of a Rickenbacker bass and a Fender Strat. Plus, new solid state and tube amps were offered. Also in 1975 Unicord switched all its production from Westbury, NY to Japan. Apparently employees were only given a single days noticed. After that only a small crew remained to test imported amps and ship them to retailers. 

In 1971, Univox also had its full array of effects for sale. Plus, they began to offer synths and computerized effects. It was at this time that Univox began its association with Korg. As the compnay released more synths, rythm machines, keyboards and other electronic equipment the Korg name showed up more and more on the products. 

In 1978 Unicord stoped making the Univox line of guitars and equipment. They switched to an original line called "Westbury", which lasted until aobut 1982. Westbury amps were also made during this time. Also in 1978 Unicord started selling the exact same amps under the Stage and Univox name. The only difference between the amps was the label and color scheme. Unicord was trying to phase out the Univox name in favor of Stage. these changes came about primarily because the Univox name was seen as being "cheap" not because of the lawsuits going on over copying. Part of the image of cheapness came from the fact that Univox's designs, though solid and reliable, were simply copies of other companies work. There were few original designs at this time from Univox and no new development was being done. Even Univox's solid state amp designs were almopst 10 years old.

Finally, in 1985 due to the recession, Unicord was purchased completely by Korg, pretty much ending the story there.

Univox Guitars

Univox Bass- Yes, here's the RARE Rickenbacker Rip-Off. One of the first of a 2-3 year run. This 1974 Univox was a Made in Japan copy of the Rickenbacker 4001 Bass. It was so closely copied that yes they were sued. As you can see, this copy was made well. Note the wood on this baby. Try and find one today is also a problem. No one wants to give theirs up. The conditionis Mint Museum Quality Collectors Grade. Factory case also included. SOLD

Univox Les Paul Copy

Univox- All Original 1970's law suit Les Paul in Ice Tea Burst. Near Mint condition with no wear & no case. Sorry Sold

1970's Univox Les Paul Copy

Univox Hofner Violin Bass Copy

Here's a cool 1970's Hofner Lawsuit Violin Bass. She's set up with new string and ready to jam, record, or whatever else. All electronics have been rewired and input jack replaced. Condition overall is good but not excellent. Body finish has age crazing but no issues. Neck straight and action perfect. Priced right to hit the scene. SOLD




Early  1970's  Univox  Amplifier









This amp Rocked The Casbah before the Clash. All Original early 1970's Univox with Reverb and Tremolo. Condition is excellent and ready for the home, studio or collection. Yes, turn this baby up to 10 and she crawls. Tech just went over with no issues. Solid State 50W. A Vintage Bang for the Buck! SOLD

Univox 1970's Gibson ES-335 Copy- Yes, back in the 70's, for a fraction of the cost, you could own a Gibson 335 look-a-like. This clone looks to be completely original with the exception of a replacement whammy bar. Her condition is very near mint and she plays well. It's amazing that some of these guitars made it threw the years. This baby was made in Japan and shows well. No case but a whole lot of memories. SOLD




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