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Special & Rare Guitars



Creme de la creme, yes cream of the crop. Guitars that are shown here should have their own category. Listed by their brand name page or style woulds almost put them out of place. Guitar Boutique is always searching for the one you will not see almost any other place. This page should be visited frequently. You just never know what you may see here. If you may have a special one to sell give us a call at 201-945-5577.

♪ Shown above is Brian Joans of The Rollong  Stones with a Vox Phantom ♪

   Peter Frampton Owned LPR-0

Peter Frampton Owned Gibson Les Paul Reissue 1960 Historic Model LPR-0 Flame Top. Yes, this LP was owned by Peter and is a beauty for sure. She's a 2005 Washed Cherry Flamed Sunburst and was aged by Gibson's Custom Shop Master Builder Tom Murphy for Peter. Guitar is in good condition with just the right amount of wear. Some light buckle to back, nice checking to headstock and body. Pickup's show patina and this baby sings (especially when Peter played it). Guitar came to us with strap locks so we left it just as he did. Peter was nice enough to forward a picture to us of him with this guitar. Also Certificate of Authenticity signed by Peter, all case candy, and OHSC. We have this special delight displayed here at Guitar Boutique, are happy to share it with any visitors, and the music community. Feel free to stop by, and take a personal look for yourself, at Guitar Boutique.

    Leo Fender Tribute Esquire

Leo Fender Tribute 1950 Custom Shop Limited HEAVY Relic Esquire 
-Heavy Relic
-Wildwood Ash Body
-Allparts TMO-FAT Chunky U-Shape Neck
-Seymour Duncan 50's Antiquity AlNiCo 2 Pickup
-Fender Vintage Style Tuners-Fender Pat. Pending Bridge Stamped 0633 & Brass Saddles
-Bone Nut
-Garolite (Bakelite) Pickguard
-CTS Pots / Switchcraft Jack
-Paper & Oil Caps / NOS Bumble Bee Resistor
-Aged Butterscotch Blonde - Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
-Vintage Tinted Neck - Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
-Nickel Flathead Screws - Checking Cracks In Finish Over Entire Body & Neck
Lacquered Tweed Thermometer Case Included
                                        -Excellent Player-

Fender Custom Shop versions of these are $6000...Enjoy a Handmade "Tribute" model for a fraction of the price.

Product Specs
Condition: Mint
Make: Leo Fender Tribute
Model: 1950 Custom Shop Limited Esquire
Finish: Butterscotch Blonde
Hand Made In: United States

   Tribute Neil Young Old Black                Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Neil Young Tribute- This is a One off Master Built guitar. A must for the Collecter and this Old Black is Special. Made to exact specs of the original with the sound that goes with it. This started out as a VOS and shows real well in our Showroom Custom Case. Right down to the strap it's a reflection of Rock-n-Roll History. Look around an we think you will not find a closer example to this Neil Young Tribute Old Black. Call for any other info. $9999.99




        H.S. Anderson Mad Cat

This Tribute Mad Cat rocks. How would we know. We sold the original 1973 H.S. Anderson Mad Cat just awhile ago for mucho cash. The original was sweet, but the body was too heavy. This one was made from the same specifications but at but lighter in weight. We were blown away but the sound, quality work, and materials with this guitar. As you can see you also get the Tribute Memorial Prince Neck Plate. The man "Prince" is an icon and a musical genius. This is the best Prince Tibute Mad Cat on the market today. $1,999.99

Wild  70's  B Bender Telecaster

Holly Guacamole! Yes, here's the real Roadworn B Bender. As far as we can tell, this is a Stew Mac Telecaster B Bender Kit from the early 1970's. The decal on the headstock we think states "SLEAZ ASTER". Fill in your own, missing letter. This may only be close and may have been put on by an owner at some time. Looks like a professional decal. Guitar looks to be hand sprayed many many years ago yellow. Like taxi yellow. Owner probably trying to get a butterscotch color. Guitar looks All Original except for whats mentioned. The B Bender Adjustment Knob is not original, but looks period. Under knob is a not original 38 shell, that fits in hole tight, and has been drilled. You wouldn't know it because it's mostly hidden. Check out the fab knobs. One being very much oversized. Also, the crazy large bridge tray. Massive and Solid Brass. All hardware is Nickle Plated with great patina. Someone at sometime routed out a Humbucker center pickup. It has been taken out and replacement custom pickguard installed. The selector switch seems to be period but not original either. It's a 5 position switch wired in 3 positions. This guitar has seen many party's and if it could talk, wow! She screams, plays like a dream, looks the part, and eyed all the time. SOLD





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