1998 Gibson SG Deluxe

1998 Gibson SG Deluxe in very near mint condition. All Original fabulous 20 year old guitar with great Mini Humbucker Soap Bar Pups. Yes they sound GREAT. Comes with Gibson Original Locking Vintage Style Tuners. They look vintage on back and have the fake line on the tops but lock when you tighten them. Also very cool 5 Position Selector Switch making easy to get various tones. We just did a set up on this baby and she rocks. Not an SG guy, but this one has the vibe, mojo, and easy to play. Color is very dark Midnight Blue, thin skin paint, and shines nicely. Serial number, and Made in USA, impressed on back of headstock. Straight neck, just right action, with no fret wear we could really state. As you can see this guitar was hardly used. Factory Bigsby that yes states "Maestro" on it like Gibson liked to call theirs whammy. Photo of flyer states all specs of guitar. All 3 pups are Mini Humbuckers 2 rhythm 1 lead. Scale is 24.75 nut is 1.6875. Neck 1959 Slim tapered 1959 radius thinner neck. She weigh in at 6.8 with nice balance. We stated very near mint because we found one very small ping on bottom back edge about 3/16". Very hard to photo it's so small. We purchased it from the original owner. The sales receipt is faint, but it does state he paid $700.00 back in 1998. Get while it lasts because this will be VINTAGE soon and the prices will escalate. Comes with Original Gibson Gig Bag, paperwork, and one flyer in photo (shown in photo front and back). Thanks for looking ask any questions. SOLD





This is the page that reveals the treasures we have let go. When your a lover of guitars, sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. These beauties somehow become attached as your extended family. Some we have bought or were gifts in our younger years. Others join us later in life. These guitars are gone/sold, but there are others we have not listed yet, and others coming in every day. Please enjoy our site as we have enjoyed their stay at Guitar Boutique. 

Original H.S. Anderson Mad Cat

H.S. Anderson Mad Cat- How can one forget Purple Rain. Prince made this guitar so famous that no one wants to sell theirs. Besides having the look you cant take your eyes of off, this guitar is a sick one for sure. The neck pickup sounds like a Gibson L5. Jazz smooth and silky. The bridge brings this bad boy to life. The combination is incredible. H.S. Anderson only made a little over 500 back in the 70's. This guitar dated 1973-74 pre Hohner. Many of them stayed in Europe and Japan. The chances of finding one here is next to none. On top of that, this baby is very close to original and an early one (NOT A REISSUE). The wood is the best we've seen and put together with quality in mind. It was found in a thrift shop and they were asking $2,500 as is. We had to glue a few bindings, rewire the pups, a new input jack, and clean and set her up. Let me tell you, it was worth it. She's rare and very impressive. Don't mistake for the Hohner reissue, this is the first and original. A master of disaster, with a controlled attitude, and a fantasia of beauty! Sorry, no discount on her. SOLD

Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Relic Nocaster Ltd. Ed. Nocaster Blonde- Solidbody Electric Guitar, Limited-edition, with Ash Body, Quartersawn Maple Neck, Maple Fingerboard, Relic Finish, and 2 Single-coil Pickups.

Expand your collection with the limited-edition Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Relic Nocaster solidbody electric guitar. In 1995 Fender unveiled their first relic'd guitars at the NAMM show. These guitars started a massive demand for aged instruments. The limited-edition Nocaster guitar has a lightweight ash body and a quartersawn maple neck and fretboard that deliver a premium playing experience. A pair of Custom Shop Nocaster pickups deliver the sought-after tone of vintage pickups. Only 95 guitars will be produce to commemorate this anniversary. Get your Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Relic Nocaster before they're gone!
It was 20 years ago that Fender quietly released the first Custom Shop relic'd guitars at the Winter NAMM show. Since that time, relic'd instruments have become common place. The limited-edition Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Relic Nocaster sports a smooth-playing Heavy Relic neck and a lightly relic'd ash body. A quartersawn maple Nocaster "U" neck has that comfortable "baseball bat" feel of some of the most sought after necks of the '50s era. Topped off with aged hardware, this guitar is sure to become a favorite. 
So what really happened at the 95 NAMM show that started this big trend? Guitarists thought the Fender Relics were real early 1950's Fenders and that's why they are so sort after today. 
There are still a few more left selling NEW on line for about $3,900.00 but we are selling this baby for a reduced price while it lasts. SOLD

Yes, here's a great 2014 ES Memphis Les Paul in mint condition. She may be sometimes called a Historic Burst in color. This baby's in Brand New Condition with no time on her. She comes with all Case Candy and the Original Hardshell Case is also mint. Take advantage of this trade in discounted fantastic Gibson that's a pleasure to play and even better to look at. SOLD

Gibson LP Custom Shop Boneyard Joe Perry Signature Model. Yes, not in production today and limited run on this Boneyard with Bigsby. All factory Original with outrageous Tiger Fame, Cool Inlays, & Mojo Killer Sound, this LP you never want to let go. Check Google Images and see Joe playing his ax on stage. Guitar is a 9 1/2 out of 10 with one hard to see clear finish scratch on top face of body, not easy to see in pics because it's not noticeable. Inlays are pearl white in person but photo Boneyard Yellow. That's a first we're ever seen. Guitar is breath taking, and when we viewed it in person, we just had to have it! Watch out, tone, looks, attitude and bite are infective.

This Les Paul Custom rocks. She's a 1992 Black Beauty sweet and mean! Condition is all original with the exception of a truss rod cover we ordered. Condition is a solid 8, with very little wear, and some worming on back but not thru black coat. Frets have been dressed but this baby plays silly in all positions. No original case. SOLD

Beautiful JAMES TRUSSART RUST-O-MATIC STEELCASTER ALLIGATOR GUITAR.What a great Trussart in rust-o-matic alligator. This guitar is all original that we can tell. We are selling for the original owner. We think it's an 2003. She weighs about 7 pounds, no issues, straight neck, low action, electronics perfect, etc. Condition looks to be excellent but let the pictures show completely. Comes with in excellent condition hardshell case no name period. This guitar cost more than $4000.00 new. Sorry, this baby's SOLD

2011 Takamine Pro NOS EF508RC KOA Acoustic. Here's a NOS, (New Old Stock), Takamine Pro Series Koa Wood Acoustic. She's in a 9.8 condition with just some shop handling wear. Nothing to photo or state. Anyone would show this guitar for NEW. It comes with Takamine Original Hardshell Case, and all case candy, including the blank warranty card. The wood is fantastic and this baby sounds great. She had a list price of $2,153.99 and currently MAPS for $1,399.00 anywhere. A sweet deal on a sweet guitar. Sorry, SOLD.



Yes, here's a as MINT as they get 1980 Gibson ES-347 Blonde all original condition (with the exception of the Gibson Speed Knobs that can be very easly charge to vintage stock). Very exceptional wood grain and smooth fingerboard. No wear or issues. Comes in it's Original Hardshell Case. The knobs do not alter the price. Try and find a blonde as nice as this, we mean guitar.

1953 Fender Deluxe Tweed Amp- Yes, the best all time seller for Fender. This baby is completely All Original except for the leather handle. Yes, you do find one from time to time, but check to see if she's ever been fooled with. Point to Point Wiring, Original Jensen Blue Bell Speaker, Tweed, Grill Cloth, it's all the real deal. Has original tube chart and all matching numbers too. This amp even has the original filter caps and plug. We can up date to a 3 prong and new caps if you desire but she sounds great as is. This is the best 53 we ever saw. Only one so get her when you can. $2,995.00



The Monkees Rock N Roll Model

Hey hey, we're the Monkees! That's right here's a RARE 1967 Gretsch #6123 Monkees Rock N Roll Model. So rare we called the largest Gretsch dealer in the world and they stated they only knew one customer with one, WOW! Everyone we know remembers the TV smash hit show The Monkees. They were the American Beatles and had hit after hit. This ALL ORIGINAL Gretsch example is wonderful. When I took it out of it's case I could even play it. It sent a spell into me and I had to put it back into its case. After a few days I was able to tune and test this baby out. As far as price, you can throw the price book out the window. A part of Rock-N-Roll History for sure. Comes complete with Original Gretsch Case. Call for price. Sorry, SOLD.

VERY RARE VINTAGE HOFNER 1960's ARCHTOP JAZZ GUITAR WOHSC. Here's a Made in Germany at least 50 year old jem. If Hofner made this guitar guitar today they would charge over $2000 for it today and even more as a vintage guitar. She's so cool with her raised fingerboard violin style neck. We think the body has a one piece maple top and back. Here's the bomb, it has a 3 position switch on body face. We were told the first position is passive, the second is active, and the third would turn signal so you can plug into a radio (at that time). Now only the 1 position works because we have no way to test the active stage. The electronics work fine but the bottoms do not change the sound. Only 1 volume knob working now. The battery compartment is at the rear strap button. It takes a European size cel which we do not have. Its has a sliding trap door, metal, with a hold down screw as shown in pics. This guitar sounds great in 1st position and also acoustic. The action is fine and the frets shown no wear. There is also still room on adjustable bridge to adjust string height higher or lower. The over all condition is excellent with only one small scrap on bottom side shown in pictures. The bindings are cracked but we cant find any that are loose. Some are also yellowed due to age. The Hofner sticker on face in perfect. There is no model or paper label in sound hole that we can find. On tail piece, in tiny print reads Made In Germany. The nut measures 1 5/8" and the string height is 1/8" at the 12th fret. NO ISSUES at all with this great guitar. ALL ORIGINAL and a playing rare museum piece of musical history for sure. Sold with original hardshell case.



♫ D Angelico Excel New York  ♫

D Angelico Excel New York EXP-1DP Transparent Wine Red Archtop- Here's a great jazz box that's in perfect mint condition. We acquired this baby from the original owner. She was special ordered in the end of 2012, in this beautiful finish, which is breath taking. Even the case is in excellent condition because she never left his house. D Angelico's are known for their great workmanship, playability, and tone. If you check around you will find plenty of blond natural Excels, but maybe not even one Transparent Wine Red one for sale. Check that floating pickup and wonder inlays. A dream come true for little coin. Any reflectios in pictures are only from glare on this shiny wonder. SOLD



Yes in deed, here's a very hard to find Gretsch 6022-12 Rancher. We think it is a 1992. We are selling it for the original owner that claims he bought it new in the late 90's. It was probably new old stock. We just set it up with D Addario 12's and she plays wonderfully. No issues that we can find and the condition is all original near mint. You'll have to look hard to see she's not dead mint. The pick guard has a light uneven edge in one spot very hard to see, (probably factory). The back has very slight button swirl in clear coat and also some VERY MINOR tiny scratches on back, (definitely not large enough to photo).  No other wear or cosmetic we could find. She sounds, plays, and looks great. The inlays on the fingerboard are fantastic! Steer, cactus, a riffle, like wow. This guitar is not being produced and one hardly ever comes up for sale, so this is your chance to own a out of this world Gretsch.

2006 Gibson LP Standard Flame

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2006 Lemon Burst Flame- This baby is MINT, no imperfections, and shines like it just came from the factory. The color center yellow so slight turns to a muted amber. A nice flame sets this guitar in the spotlight. The guitar is completely original, with the exception of the Seymour Duncan Pups, which is a real nice addition. Back finish has no rash or any look of use. Neck is smooth and also new condition. She sounds great, feels great, and looks great! Comes with Original Gibson Hardshell Case and all Case Candy shown. SOLD


RARE CUSTOM 1992 OVATION MODEL 1689-2 ADAMAS  PRESENTATION GUITAR WITH CASEYes this guitar is one of a kind. Guitar is in perfect 100% condition with no issues. We could not find one nick or scratch. As you can see by the inside label, this guitar was presented to Jim & Catherine Voorhees for years of dedication by owner  of Ovation Charles Kamam II in 1992. This was hand written over printed label at that time. This guitar does not read Adamas on inside label, but it is the same type as the Adamas I on the Ovation website. This guitar model is really 1689-2 that is written on inside label. This is very close, if not better, than the Model 1687GT-2 that they list today MSRP $5,499.00 on the site. Anyway, guitar plays and sounds wonderful. Plugged into an amp she is full and brilliant. No issues or imperfections to report. A great guitar at a great price. The workmanship is out of this world. Headstock, body face, and binding is fabulous. Last picture shows paper label that is just laying on top of case. We received this paper when we acquired this great instrument. Original Hardshell case also in excellent condition.



Karl Sandoval Dot Flying V

RARE 1984 KARL SANDOVAL DOT FLYING V GUITAR RANDY RHOADS. Yes, here's the closest ever you will get to Randy Rhoads. Karl built guitars for Randy back in the day. As far as we cvan tell this is as original as the day it was made. This guitar is built like they use to build them back then. The condition is good, with regular surface wear and patina. The aging is only to finish. Guitar was examined and plays fantastic. Straight neck, nice action, Floyd Rose working wonderful for full effect, electronics fine, etc. Yes, this guitar is the real deal for sure. There is age yellowing here and there, chips, scratches, and finish checking surface cracks too. This is the real road worn. Everything you would like to see on a 1984 Flying V Machine. She comes in a real flight case with names taking off over "Fragile Handle With Care". This is not Randy's guitar, but close to it. Check out the inlay lighting bolts on fingerboard. Also view Sandoval's web and see the newer models. Buy this V and your buying history, a Vintage Quality V that was built when the music was music. Guitar has strap locks and case heavy anvil style flight case.

Gibson 1967 ES-335 TD- This guitar is all original, Exceptionally Gorgeous Pristine, and almost too good to be true. She boards sunburst finish, no over spray, with very little aging. All pots and 2 patent number pickups trace back to 67. No alterations, mods, and everything screams mint! This guitar performs as it should with flying colors. Comes with Original Gibson Hardshell Case near mint and original hang tag not filled out. MUSEUM QUALITY VERY RARE in this condition.

Rickenbacker 330- Really nice MINT CONDITION 330 Fire Glo. This baby is a 2005 time capsule. The woods and finish is a piece of art. The Rick style is like non other. She comes in Original Hardshell Rick Case and has hang tag and Warranty card, (not filled out). A Rick like this NEVER stays in the shop. Selling for less than a new Rick, it's a must have! We have another super 330 in stock.

1964 Fender Mustang- What's not to like on a Vintage Mustang in Daphne Blue. One of the most sort after Fender Aged Colors ever. Yes, she shows a few chips and scratches, but it's All Original even the Fender Case. All Pots, Neck Ink Mark, etc all right. If we only knew back then, we would have bought a thousand Fender Student Guitars.

Gibson 1972 Les Paul Triumph Bass- Here's the real deal. This unique bass was produced from 1971-1979 by Gibson. It has a Natural Mahogany finish which has lightened with age. The two point bridge is an early Triumph feature; sometime in 1973 they got the three point bridge, but sales declined throughout the decade, never reaching the levels of 1972-73, so two-point bridge Triumphs are not particularly unusual. With regards other hardware, very little has changed from its predecessor, the Les Paul Bass. Still Les Paul Low Impedance Humbuckers and Schaller M4 Tuning Keys. The controls are a little different, as is the body size. It is lighter, and more comfortable to play. It's condition is excellent for it's age with no damages, repairs, or issues. It has slight rash on back of body. The sound is incredible with many ways to alter the sound. Way ahead of it's time, this Vintage Gibson is a legend. Comes with original Gibson Case, which is all there, but shows some wear. 

Brian May 2004-05 Signature Series- Yes here's a mint Burns of London 2004-05 Brian May Signature Series. We don't really have to state what band he orchestrated do we? This baby's mint, sound incredible, and the touch is so very pleasing. Sustain, you couldn't want more. she comes is a original Burn's of London Case. SOLD



> Mahogany body (with acoustic chamber) with Pinstripe binding
> New two-piece scratch plate
> Mahogany neck
> 24" scale (Depth: 22mm at 1st fret ... 24mm at 12th fret)
> 24 fret  - ebony fingerboard (width 45mm at 0 fret ... 57mm at 24th fret)
> Grover GH305 locking tuners
> Dual truss rod
> Graphite nut
> New bridge & Brass saddles
> BM Custom tremolo arm
> 3 x Burns Tri-Sonic pickups (series wired)
> Master Volume & Tone controls
> Original BM switching system
> Individual pickup IN/OUT phase plus Individual pickup ON/OFF





Silvertone 1487- Here's a 1964-65 Silvertone gas with Amp and Speaker on board. There's a battery compartment with siding door on back of body. A switch lets you turn on power to speaker or just to amp. All Original with no issues this vintage guitar is cool, and sounds good too.




 Guild 1968 Starfire II- The real deal made in Hoboken New Jersey. All Original in mint condition for it's age with no nicks or scratches to list. No wear and comes with Original Hard Shell Case.






Fender Bassman- This 1967 Blackface Bassman Amp is in excellent condition and sounds great. She has paper label inside head and has just had the once over. New power tubes, filter caps, and 3 prong power cord added. No issues and ready to rock. Why did Fender reissue most of the Blackface Amps from the 1960's? Yes, because they were just that good!






Hagstrom- 1960's All Original in hard to find grey. Mint condition with no wear no case.

1960-61 Gibson Maestro GA-78 RVT- This Kalamzoo Gibson takes the cake. Super Rare with original Jensen Speaker, this Stereo 30 Watt baby looks and sounds the part. Tube, Tube, Tube! We had our Tech give it a once over and replace the caps. He stated that this Amp was the Best Made Amp here ever had the privilege to work on. With Reverb and Tremolo the sounds are like Wow! Amp comes with original Foot Pedal and and in mint condition museum quality. 






Kay Vanguard, 1960's plays well, good frets, natural road worn, missing Kay Logo on headstock.






Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis- 1997 Herb Ellis Misty Archtop Jazz Guitar. A classic jazz guitar based on Herb's own Gibson ES-175. A single humbucker produces a warm jazz tone, and gold-plated metal parts impart a classy look. Features: figured maple body, rosewood fingerboard with parallelogram inlays, single-ply top, back and fingerboard, wire trapeze tailpiece, gold hardware, one volume and one tone control. Comes with Original Hardshell Gibson Case. No wear in excellent condition.







Epiphone EA-250- 1972 Epiphone with Original Trem. Refret new with paint loss spot on face of body as shown. Condition good with no issues. Made in Japan and a real nice box for the age.

1960's Kay Model 703- Here's a blast from the past. This tiny Kay 703 was bought back in the 60's when music rocked, and there were bands playing in garages in your town. This tube survivor cranks a 6 inch factory speaker and probably had a Silvertone, Harmony, or Danelectro plugged into it years ago. Today everyone loves these time machines and Harmonica Players go nuts for them. Just serviced with new filter caps this baby screams cool.








Harmony H46 Stratotone Mars- Early 1960's H46 Stratotone Mars hollow body guitar. Very good condition for its age with issues. Slight wear to top edges of headstock only. Great tone with that Mojo Vintage Pick Up. This baby is 100% Original too. These guitars are just starting to become valuable and are sure to keep on rising.










Les Paul Custom- Here's a 1977 LP Custom in Sunburst. This guitar looks like it's a 50's or 60's LP but it's newer. She was packed away and left for many years. Her finish is relice on the body but she's a Custom Quality and sounds like it too. Real nice aging but not much wear at all. The best part is this baby doesn't cost even close to a vintage. This is a treasure waiting to be discovered. 


Gibson 1960 Classic- Here's a MINT 1960 Classic Reissue. Bought by a collector and never played, this guitar is a dream. Hand picked for the best grain and packed away. Even the Warranty Card was never filled out. We all know why this guitar was reissued. Yes, because of everything about it and the demand for more of them. One minute in your hands and you will see just why. The color, yes the color is the so desirable Ice Tea Burst. As you can see, even the case is mint. Very hard to find another in this condition. 




2008 Fender Jaguar Special Player HH- All original with no issues or wear. Comes with Original Fender Gig Bag which was shipped with guitar.  Condition near mint, Mexican.





~1979 Fender 25th Anniversary~

Yes, here's the one you don't see in excellent condition. The rare 1979 Fender Silver 25th Anniversary Stratocaster. This baby is near mint, with no scratches or dings anywhere. Just take a look at it's gleam, like it's grinning at you. The only thing we could find is that the original frets have been dressed. Everything 100% original. Comes withALL PAPERWORK and HANGTAG. This was released with a 25th poster, letter stating one year sales and costs, 25th Anniversary Catalog, silver line cord, Fender Guitar Strap, key/wrenches, bridge cover, and a few other goodies too. Comes WOHSC shown in picture. No Fender collection is complete without one.

Rocket II- Lets get on this 1965 Harmony Rocket II. What a retro ride. Those DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups do the trick. This guitar is also in great condition, all Original, and has that sexy Whammy Bar. Very hard to find in this condition.

Vintage Danelectro Convertible- Made from 1959 to 1969, this double cutaway guitar came with pickups and without too. Here's a wonderful example of an early acoustic version. This rare Dano is completely original with plugs just as it was sold back when. The front and back of body is Blonde Masonite with Dano's "mother of diving board" binding tape around body. Very interesting in deed. The bridge is adjustable with 3 screws. The tuners are so 1960's and scream cool. Headstock show plastic Danelectro Logo and even has the silver sticker showing serial number on the back of the headstock. Headstock is dolphin design, and not Coke Bottle design, which seems to be more rare. Guitar has a very unique sound just as the music did back then. A wonderful example of American Guitar History.

Eastwood 59 Custom Deluxe 3P- Here's the creme of the crop from Eastwood Airline. She's a solid repro of the Res-O-Glass Guitars made by National back in the1960's. A Volume and Tone for each pickup with a Master Volume. Of course the Bigsby and that Ridge Body with Rubber Edge Binding. This Floor model is being discounted at a very low blow out price of $899.99 while only one in stock at that value. Here's some additional info. 


This reissue is still being produced today. If you are interested we can order you one. A great guitar, made with pride and quality, that you can feel.


The original Res-O-Glas fiberglass guitars were produced by the Valco Guitar Company primarily between 1962 and 1967. Valco manufactured these guitars under various names including their own product lines Supro, National, Atlas and Valco as well as several house brand names including Airline (Montgomery Ward) and English Electronic's Tonemaster.

A wonderful 1960's Silvertone 1446 Chris Isaak Guitar in Mint Condition.

Gibson Zoot Suit Les Paul- Take the stage with a Gibson limited-edition Zoot Suit Les Paul solidbody electric guitar and make a bold statement before your even touch the strings. Start rocking this brilliantly colored guitar, and you'll snag the attention of any audience. As bold as it looks, the Zoot Suit Les Paul sounds bigger and plays with a kind of solidity you'd never believe until you experience it for yourself. But don't wait too long before taking the plunge - Gibson's only making 400 of these guitars worldwide, and Guitar Boutique's only has one left.


  • A unique electric guitar that sounds as cool as it looks
  • Neck and body made from brightly colored Stratabond Rainbow
  • Richlite feels great and can withstand dramatic environmental changes without shrinking, swelling, or warping
  • P90 single-coil pickup at the neck gives you clear sound with the perfect touch of growl for leads
  • 498T PAF-style humbucker delivers the bite and warmth you want for rhythm playing
  • Chrome Tune-o-Matic bridge and Grover tuners provide solid tuning and highly adjustable action
  • Premium gig bag included

♫ Les Paul Goldtop 50th Ann ♫





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