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Silvertone Guitars were a part of many, in fact most, of guitarists that were from the Baby Boomer Period. They were sold from catalogs, music shops, and even as prizes at the boardwalks across the USA. Sears and Montgomery Ward had fantastic success selling them for centuries. For a while now Silvertone Guitars and Amps have been a much sort after vintage craze. Musicians love the tone and quality of these aged instruments and cant get enough of them. Silvertone has reintroduced their guitar line and we are happy to handle them. If you play a new one, you will find they are made better, and sound it too. Please check our selection and ask if you don't see the one you want. Call us for purchases, orders, or additional info. To visit the Silvertone Reissue Site please click HERE. 














Silvertone 1449 Reissue- This guitar made history, back in the day, for being the Amp-in-case Guitar. It had those fantastic lipstick pickups and a cool look too. We've sold and played many of these guitars over the years. Besides being fun to play, they looked GREAT too! After out first shipment came in I just had to have one for myself. An inexpensive highway to heaven. $379.99

Silvertone 1423 Reissue- You know a guitar is good when many other brands copy it. This Silvertone was named Jupiter and was also made by Harmony from time to time. It has that space age look, sleek single cut-a-way, with all those knobs. A Blender Knob, a Volume & Bass Knob, and then a Volume & Treble Knob. It also has a Blender 3 Way Toggle Switch. The pups are Duncan Designed and sound wonderful. The neck is bound and plays and feels like a much more expensive neck. The paint is black with gold metal flake. Come in and take a ride or we'll ship one to your door. $449.99




Silvertone 1478- Here's the Silhouette Reissue Guitar. Yes another famous reissue here. Look on Ebay and you will find those 60's Silhouette's going for big bucks, and they are going up every year. This guitar is made with quality in mind. Very much like a 60's Japan copy of the Fenders, this baby is a dream to play, and even better to hear. Take advantage of the opportunity of a new legend the Silvertone 1478. $499.99


Silvertone Amp-In-Case Guitar- This Silvertone 1449 is a 2 Pickup and dates from 1963 to 66. The 1457 amp is a higher wattage then the 1962 model, comes with tremolo, and a Jensen Speaker. Guitar definitely has a better tone/sound then the regular Danelectro Pickups. Guitar fun and just a blast to play. Amp is exceptionally better sounding then you would think. This example is very clean and about as close to mint as we've found in the past. Item was purchased from the original owner, that received it as a holiday gift, from his parents. $899.99

Vintage Silvertone- This guitar is just Wild with a capitol W!  Right out of the 1960's, it looks like a George Jetson Guitar, if there was one. First off the pick guard is Alien Green, almost glow in the dark. The pick ups are Gold Foil and state Zen-On on each. Each also has a switch that states Mic on one side, and on the other. Definitely Made in Japan it carries a Jazzmaster Body Style. The headstock is big and the neck is thick like a baseball bat. All Original like wow, fun to look at, fun to play, and a must for the collection. SOLD



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