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From The Birds, Beatles, and Petty, Rickenbacker said it all. A style like no other, and a sound to back it up, don't get the fever cause you'll have to buy them all. If you lived it, who can forget John's Black 325 on the Ed Sullivan Show. A DJ once asked George Harrison if he liked a guitar he doodled on during a radio interview. Harrison is said to have quickly replied, "Of Course, it's a Rickenbacker!" Take a listen of "All My Loving", or "8 Miles High", and its obviously a RIC.



      330 Rickenbacker Jetglo

Above Beautiful Mint Rickenbacker 330 all Original with Mint Ric Case too. Just set up with 10's and ready to lay down those riffs. Note factory sticker still on pickguard. Comes with all the Case Candy and she is sweet. $1,799.99

Below Rickenbacker 325V63- Here's a MINT all original 325V63 in Fireglo. If you can find one, you will never find a nicer one than is baby, museum quality. Check google imagine and see just how many known artists were seen with this wonder. There's a reason that all those great bands and artists used a Ric, because they were great! This guitar is an 1999 and no longer in production. Call for price, then check you funds, to make the dream come true. Very Rare to find this model in this condition. 

Rickenbacker 330 Fever- Here's a mint Rickenbacker 2012 Fireglo 330 6 string beauty. This baby has not one ding, scratch, or blemish. She's all original, with the exception of the Rickenbacker Vintage Toaster Pickups, which are highly sort after. The Fireglo on her is a deep red, and was picked out of a line up, as being the nicest of the lot. Even the case has the clear protective covering over the logo. Guitar has no play wear and comes with all candy in pics. SOLD

Rickenbacker 350V63- Here's a clean all original 350V63 in Jetglo. Yes, just like the 350JL but without John's Signature. This was the reissue of the 325V63 without the tremolo arm. This baby is in excellent condition, with hang tags, case key, warranty card, and excellent condition case. There's a reason that all those great bands and artists used a Ric, because they were great! This one is a 1998 and no longer in production. $3,495.00

Rickenbacker 620 Fireglo- Yes, here's a MINT 2011 Rickenbacker Solid Body 620 Fireglo. This Rick offers a lot—graceful body lines; a solid maple body; a sleek, and a fast-playing neck. You also get neck-thru-body construction for greater sustain; precision machined German-made key winds; double truss rods; body and neck binding; triangular markers on its thick rosewood fretboard; dual single-coil pickups that deliver clear, bright tone; and dual jacks for stereo output. The Rickenbacker 620 looks great, feels great, and sounds killer. It comes with all the Case Candy and even a NOT FILLED OUT Warranty Card. SOLD




  • Solid maple body
  • Sleek, fast-playing neck
  • Neck-thru-body construction for greater sustain
  • Precision-machined, German-made key winds
  • Double truss rods
  • Body and neck binding
  • Triangular inlays on its thick rosewood fretboard
  • Dual single-coil pickup deliver clear, bright tone
  • Dual jacks for stereo output

1997 Rickenbacker 360 Fire Glo

1997 Rickenbacker 360FG Fire Glo- This guitar is in almost unplayed condition. She's all original and comes with Original Rickenbacker Hardshell Case with keys, Ric Owners Manual, Ric Parts & Accessories Ordering Form, Ric Polishing Cloth, and Ric Strings. All were in the case when we bought it from the original owner. Did you know that the waiting time for a new one of these is 18 months to 2 years? This 360FG is mint with no wait. SOLD
Some Additional Informatio: The standard output is double jack – one for monaural and one for “Rik-o-Sound” which requires a de-coder box that separates the signal into two stereo channels.  We can order the purchaser of the guitar the box at additional charge.    Here are the current specifications, but we do not feel that much has changed since 1997:  Semi-acoustic, 24 frets, whose top edges are curved and comfortable and whoe back is bound in single ply white celluloid.  Its scale length -  62.9 cm (24 3/4''); neck width at nut -41.4 mm (1.63''); neck width at 12th Fret - 49.05 mm (1 .931''); crown radius - 25.4 cm (10'');  body and neck wood – maple; fingerboard wood – rosewood;  weight – approx.3.6 kg (8.0 lbs.); overall length- 101 cm (39 3/4”); overall width - 38.1 cm (15''); overall depth - 38.1 mm (1 ½”); this guitar’s neck is bound in off-white celluloid; fret marker style – triangle; tailpiece – Stylized “R” chrome plated; bridge has 6 saddles; neck type - set-in (his ways); 2 high-gain pickups and the machine heads are by Schaller with small chrome plated metal buttons. 

Fine 2000 Ric 325-V59 Maple Glo

Rickenbacker 325-V59- Here's a RARE RIC. This is a 325-V59 Maple Glo in MINT CONDITION. This guitar is a reissue of John Lennon's 59 Modified 3 pick-up short scale. This ax was ONLY available from 1984-2001 and is next to impossible to find in this condition. We sold one a few years ago and it took a few more to find another. Guitar is shown in Original Rickenbacker Case with all that Candy too. You may find yourself coming back just to take another peek at her! To hard to find in this conditio, sorry not for sale at this time. When it comes to this model, in new condition, you can throw the price guide out. It took years to find this one. $3,999.00


Rickenbacker M-8E Amp- Here's a real nice Vintage Rickenbacker Amp. She's from the 1960's and packs a punch for a small package. This baby is mostly original. When we took her in she wasn't working and the speaker was hurting. We replaced the speaker with a 8" Alnico that had a larger magnet. Also replaced a cap, 1 6V6 tube, and a 3 prong AC cord was added. Now she sounds just right. As our tech stated, "louder than a Fender Champ with nice tone". The rest of amp was just as she was back in the day. Great clear plastic handle, cool green indicator light, nice gray tiger tolex with great bone grill cloth. Breaks up and sustains real good. $699.99




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