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Here's a glimpse of what's probably not for sale. Exactly what does that mean? They were purchased from the 1970's till present. Possessions of charm and passion. Once in a blue moon the desire for one may be greater than it's present location. This may be when one gets away. For now we're happy to have the herd. Hope you enjoy the look of love.

♫ 1956 Fender Deluxe Tweed ♫

1956 Fender Deluxe Tweed Amp- This is the way Fender should have stayed. A point to point tube sensation! This Deluxe is a 10 with real nice condition and sounds great. As you can see from the pics she's a dream. We replaced the filter caps and added a 3 prong AC cord. A period correct leather handle was also replaced. The Original Jensen Alnico Blue Bell Speaker was also reconed to provide the absolute original sound this amp was built to deliver. All else is original and perfect.

Early 1960s Fender Deluxe Amp

Fender Deluxe Brownie Amp- It's time to have a delicious brownie. This Vintage Fender Deluxe Amp is also Near Mint Condition. All Original and in our Private Stock for as long as she wants to stay. Such a simple piece of Rock-n-Roll History and a feast to the eyes, ears, and touch, lol. Forget the blondes, this brunet has it all.

1966  Fender  Princeton  Reverb

1966 Fender Princeton  Reverb-Amp Blackface- This baby is All Original and has the sound of it's reputation. A demand is great on this fantastic piece of Fender History. Condition is 9 out of 10. Just some usual ware. Yes, the Tube Chart paper on inside and she sits in comfort at Guitar Boutique.


Univox- This is a really cool retro looking guitar. It's Uivox's copy of a Mosrite made in the 1970's in Japan. This baby is All Original with the exception of the whammy bar. But this bar is wild. It's has a Devil Tail Tip on it and all chrome. The pick ups are so vintage looking and sound great. Condition is real nice with just a few paint chips. No wear or issues to state.




1959 Gibson GA-40 Les Paul Amp- This Tweed Les Paul Amp rocks. If she could talk, what a story to tell. She's only 16 Watts but does she growl. She's louder, with more tone, than many amps we've heard more than twice the wattage. Amp is all original except filter caps, 3 prong plug, and the speaker. Yes, it's good to have the original, but the sound is much more important. She has a WGS Alnico 12" Speaker in it, like WOW! Anyway, this amp was bought from a gent that bought it from Jimmy Vivino, (Conan O'Brien's Max Weinbergs Guitarist on The Tonight Show), long story short. The top tolex show traces of duck tape that used to have his name written on it. That's not why we bought it. We bought it because this Tube Tweed sound just that good. If we could order them we'd take 5 more for sure. Look up some info on this monster and maybe you'll get an idea. But you'll never really understand until you heard it yourself. This amp would make a blues player never want to go home, unless the amp was his.

Fender Paisley StratocasterNew Old Stock 2002 Crafted in Japan Beauties. We were amazed when they first came and never played since. This neck is Super Smooth like a USA. Has to be played to imagine just how special this guitar is. She's very happy in our Private Stock at Guitar Boutique.

Rickenbacker M-8E Amp- Here's a real nice Vintage Rickenbacker Amp. She's from the 1960's and packs a punch for a small package. This baby is mostly original. When we took her in she wasn't working and the speaker was hurting. We replaced the speaker with a 8" Alnico that had a larger magnet. Also replaced a cap, 1 6V6 tube, and a 3 prong AC cord was added. Now she sounds just right. As our tech stated, "louder than a Fender Champ with nice tone". The rest of amp was just as she was back in the day. Great clear plastic handle, cool green indicator light, nice gray tiger tolex with great bone grill cloth. Breaks up and sustains real good. We'll keep her in the shop for a stay.

Harmony, the most understated Vintage Guitar out there! Here's a fantastic example of a late 1950's H65 Archtop. This blonde baby has tone that's never been heard before. She's equivalent to a Gibson L5 from that era but 10 times less $. There's no price, because I'll have to play her for awhile, and then I'll let you know if she's for sale. We do have the same year, same pristine condition, same model, but with a period Bigsby on her, and she is for sale. A pleasure to play and even better to hear.

Sano 12W- A sweet all tube 1960's Sano Model 12W in excellent condition. All original and comes with factory footswitch.  These amps were made in Irvington NJ and were all hand wired.

Gibson Melody Maker- Here's a fine example of a 1960's Gibson Melody Maker in Sunburst. Single pickup monster if you ask Leslie West. This beauty boards the Gibson Maestro Vibrato which was not shipped as much as the stop bridge. It's hard enough to find a Melody Maker with the original trem system, but to find one without a repaired neck makes it even harder. These were real cool low budget guitars that were thrown around and headstock kissed the ground. This babies near mint with no issues and all original too. If you would like to see a Rock-n-Roll guitar for sure, come over to Guitar Boutique. 

Yes, great condition Fender Blues Jr Tweed made in USA. These amps are getting hard to find and sound the best out of any Blues Jr's we've heard. This is not the Lacquered Jr's that you may find. This amp looks exactly like an old Fender Tweed from the 1950-60's and sounds close to it too. She has 15 watts, with a 12" Fender Speaker, and a fat button to boot. This baby reminds us of a Tweed Princeton but modernized. So save a grand or more, but hurry cause we only have one. 

Fender 1962 Band Master- Just love those off white knobs. This Vintage Fender sounds Fab. All Original with just caps and power cord replace to 3 prong. This Blond Tolex baby does the trick. Round discolor marks shown are age marks and NOT DAMAGE. They are the knots of wood that bleed threw the tolex. Fender originally did not prime wood before covering the amp with tolex. Later they found out that this would happen and changed their process. Rare to find in this mint condition. 

Gibson TV Les Paul- OK guy's this is the one that you can pant over. Yes, some of us did just that. A 1957 All Original TV Model Gibson Les Paul. It's never been messed around with and has that 50's Gibson Pick Up. Comes with Original Clipboard Case but sorry, it's not going anywhere. It's Not For Sale cause it was my first real guitar! Some things can not be duplicated.

Supro Super 1606 with that gray and silver wallpaper type tolex, which is sometimes called Rhinohide. That's right, all you need is a volume knob. Here's a small power house from the early 1960's. When you plug in you can believe how 4.5 watts thru an 8 inch speaker can sound. Between her looks, and that sound, she has to stay as a favorite.

Fender Telecaster 1950's Road Worn- Like classic cars or your favorite T-shirt, some things just get cooler with age. That's especially true of electric guitars—they develop an unmistakable mojo over time that makes them look even cooler and feel even more comfortable than when they were brand new. In that regard, the Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster is a true player. This Fender Road Worn 50s Telecaster is an electric guitar that delivers killer aged look, feel and mojo without breaking the bank. This is a Tele that was designed using 1950s specs augmented by Tex-Mex pickups and 6105 frets.


You know the real deal would empty your bank account. We just could not let this one walk away. If we get tied of looking at her, we'll play her one last time, and surely let you know.

Yes, this baby was in our private stock but we had to let her go to someone that wanted her more than us!

1956 GA-20 Vintage Amp. This All Tube Baby Rocks more than the Casbah. Let me tell you what's not original because everything else is and MINT too! Non original handle, screws, filter caps, and 3 prong AC cord. Yes, just look at her, and the sound, to die for. Tone, tone, tone. Brown Leatherette, (two tone), museum quality. She's 12 Watts with an Original 10" Jensen Alnico Bell Speaker. 





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