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Guitar Boutique is proud to be a Authorized Nash Dealer. Nash guitars are made the way a USA Guitar should be made. US Guitars are known all over the world for their look, style, and sound. If you play a Nash you wont want to let her go.


To visit the Nash Site click HERE and check out all models. You can custom order your baby today by stopping or call Guitar Boutique. 


Feedback and explanation. Some buyers that walk into Guitar Boutique don't get the Relic Thing. When your looking for a a 1950's or 60's guitar you will never find it looking condition built yesterday new. The best possible condition would be mint, and even mint vintage guitars have some aging/relic look to them. If it didn't have a time lapse look to it, it just wouldn't look right, yes like a fake. So getting a better guilt guitar, at a fraction of the cost, is perfect for the player. Thus Nash Guitars.

   NYC Tri-State Largest Dealer

Nash uses Alder and Ash bodies, premium high end name brand pickups such as Lollars Pickups, 6105 frets, CTS pots, Gotoh Vintage Tuners and Sprague Orange Drop capacitors. All guitars are inspected at Nash, and then reinspected at Guitar Boutique, to make sure the customer is 100% happy with their purchase. Following are some of the T & E Models we have at Guitar Boutique. As always, more orders are in production, and will arrive on a weekly basis. 


Important ALL USED new condition NASH we sell come with a full Nash Warranty.


Also, see bottom of page for Nash's model description. 

 Nash   T-52    T-57    T-63    E-52

   2018 Nash T-57 Desert Sand

NEW T-57 Nash 2018 Aged Desert Sand Relic WOHSC & Tag. Yes just in from Nash this month that Desert Sand wonder light relic. What's more to say. Look up Nash and see why they are the best seller at Guitar Boutique and the largest maker of relic guitars in the USA PERIOD! This baby weighs in at 6.14 on our mail scale. Ash body and Lollar Pickups. She's a dream come true with original Nash Hardshell Case & hang tag. $1,840.00

 Nash T-63 Matching Headstock

2018 Nash T-63 Aged Olympic White Matching Headstock Lollar Pickups Ash Body. Here's a beauty to say the least. Just in from Nash and looking GREAT too. Custom ordered by Guitar Boutique with that sweet Rosewood Neck for warmth with strong attack. She weighs in at 7.7 with a smooth neck. You'll notice that some photos are taken with flash which makes the white brighter. Color looks more like photos without flash. Great guitar for any genre. We haven't seen one like this from Nash and had to have it. $1840.00

           Dakota Red Crazy

2017 Nash Dakota Red Guitar WOHSC Lollars. Just arrived Dec 2017 hot Dakota Red T-63. Alder Body weighs in at 7.5 with those wonder Vintage Hand Wound Lollars. One Ply Pick Gurad with just right amount of patina on all of the hardware. Light to medium relic aging that Bill Nash dose so well. Guitar is balanced, wonderful action and sings. Anyone comes in for the Custom Shops but the best plays prefer the Nash. Comes with original Nash Hang Tag and Original Nash Hardshell Case. $1820.00

  2017 Aged Mary Kaye Blonde

NEW 2017 Nash T-52 Heavy Aged Mary Kaye Blonde. This baby's a winner with its look, feel, and sound. Lollar Pickups, 1 Ply Pickguard, C Neck, Ash Body, and weighs in at 7.2 fantastic. MAP $1820. with upcharge, so we are selling this guitar for the lowest we can, and RARE to find another. You can't ask for more, and once you play her, you want her more. Original Nash Hardshell Case Mint with Original Nash Hag Tag. $1970.00

  Nash TC-63 DB Black Custom

Cool as they come Nash 2014 TC-63 Alder Body, Rosewood Board, Double Bound (which is a upgrade), Vintage Handwound Lollar Vintage Pickups, Original Nash Hardshell Case and Hang Tag. She weighs in at 7.8 and is so good. SOLD

     2017 Butterscotch Blonde

New 2017 Nash T-52 BSB (Butterscotch Blonde). The blondes always do catch your eye. This Nash is stunning. Light Relic, Lollar Pickups, 1 Ply Pickguard, C Neck, Ash Body, and weighs in at 7.5 fantastic. This baby's a winner with its look, feel, and sound. Original Nash Hardshell Case Mint with Original Nash Hag Tag. A great price for a great guitar. SOLD

     2017 Nash T-63 DB Mocha

2017 Nash T-63 DB Mocha. Yes, this double bound baby is finished in a heavy relic Nash aged process. She's a Ash body, with Maple board, and Lollar Pickups.She weighs in at 7 lbs 2 ounces. Mocha finish is a 70's color with grain showing thru. In life every things possible and this just proves it. SOLD

            2018 Nash  T52 CC                    Butterscotch  Blonde               T52 Charlie Christian Pup

NEW 2018 Nash T-52 Butterscotch Blonde Light Relic 1-Ply Black Pickguard & Lollar Charlie Christian WOHSC. Just in from the hands of Bill Nash this Beautiful Blonde has the looks and the sound (besides feeling like butter in your hands). Light aging relic that is the best job around. The Ash Body makes it light weight 7.3 on our scale. Checked and validated this baby is the ticket. SOLD

Nash T-63 Olympic Wht over 3T

Beautiful 2015 Bill Nash T-63 in Olympic White over 3 Tone Sunburst. Custom ordered for appearance and comfort. Ash Body, Lollar Pickups, Medium Relic Finish, all aged to perfection. Comes in gorgeous Pressed Brown Leather Animal Look Case with Maroon Velvet Lining. A dream come true for any genre. SOLD

2017 Nash T-63 DB Heavy Aged

2017 Nash T-63 DB Olympic White Heavy Relic. You'll be noticed and she feel, sounds, and tastes FANTASTIC. She's a Ash body, with Rosewood board, and Lollar Pickups.She weighs in at 7 lbs 2 ounces. This Nash Extra Heavy Aging process is a up-grade, Double Bound Body also and she shows it. SOLD

        Nash T-63 Dakota Red 

Can't get much better. 2014 Nash T-63 in factory mint condition, Medium C neck, Ash Body, Lollar Pups, Fiesta Red, Original Hang Tag, Rare Black Nash Pressed Gator Case, just set up, WOW!  Plays like a dream. If you look at her, you want her. If you play her it's all over. SOLD

Nash 2014 T-63 Seafoam Green

If you play it, it will be really hard to let her go! All Original Nash T-63 in Seafoam Green with a little Sonic Blue showing underneath, WOW. She houses Lollar Pups, with a Rosewood Fingerboard, and a Alder Body. She offered with a light to medium Relic Finish of course from Nash. Comes with Original Nash black Hardshell Case. So great we almost want to keep her in the herd. SOLD


If you would like to order a Custom Nash here are the models Nash offers.


E-52 -  With a single bridge pickup, this model is patterned after a 1952 Esquire. The neck will always be maple, and the pickguard will always be 1 ply black.  Other than that, the Nash E-52 can be highly customized with just about any classic color, and upgraded with double binding, a bigsby, or matching headstock. It typically comes with an Ash body, but Alder can be specified.

T-52 -  This model is designed after a 1952 T.  Like the E-52, the Nash T-52 neck will always be maple, and the pickguard will always be 1 ply black.  Other than that, it can be highly customized with just about any classic color, and upgraded with a bigsby, matching headstock, or even a humbucker in the neck position. It typically comes with an Ash body, but Alder can be specified.

T-57 -  This model is Nash's take on the 1957 T.  The neck will always be maple, and the body typically comes with an Alder body, but Ash can be specified.  You can choose from all the classic colors, and several pickguards.  Upgrades include double binding, humbucker in the neck position, matching headstock, Boat Neck profile, and a Bigsby.

T-63 -  With the exception of having an 8 screw pickguard as opposed to the 5 screw pickguard, The T-63 is exactly the same guitar as the T-57, except with more options.  You can get a Maple or Rosewood fretboard, and all the colors and options are available.

TC-63 -  This model is essentially the T-63, but with a double bound body.  We love the look of a double bound tele, so this model is one of our favorites.

T-2HB -  This model is Nash's Tele body with all the available upgrade and colors, but it instead has a double humbucker configuration.  

TK-54 -  The Nash TK-54 is modeled after Keith Richards' famous butterscotch blonde "Micawber" stage tele and comes with a Boat Neck profile.  In reality, this is really just a T-52 with a Humbucker Neck upgrade and a Boat Neck.  Since this is the case, Bill Nash is no longer offering it as a TK-54.  It's just going to be a T-52 with a Humbucker Neck upgrade.  That'll be easier!  

T- 68 Paisley -  The Nash T-68 Paisley is actually a very impressive guitar.  It's Nash's take on a 1968 Pink Paisley T and the story of how he did it is very cool.  Read more here:

T-69 Thinline -  This model is patterned after a 1969 T Thinline.  All the classic colors and pickguards are available, as well as double binding, Bigsby, etc.  As a side note, this guitar can be custom ordered with a mahogany body.

TC-72 -  This model is designed after a 1972 T Custom with the Wide Range neck Humbucker and Tele Bridge Pickup. All the typical colors and pickguards are available.

T-72DLX -  This model is patterned after a 1972 T Deluxe, which is like the Custom, but with dual Wide Range pickups. Like the Custom, all the colors and upgrades are available.

T-72 Thinline -  This model is based on the 1972 T Thinline with the dual Wide Range Humbuckers. Very, very cool guitar!  All the color and pickguard options are available.

Gold Foil -  This model is a vintage tele with Nash's own twist. Inspired by Lollar's Gold Foil Single Coil Pickups, Nash has created a very unique Tele design that is in a class of its own. We really dig the Nash Gold Foil guitars!




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