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Guitar Boutique is proud to be a Authorized Nash Dealer. Nash guitars are made the way a USA Guitar should be made. US Guitars are known all over the world for their look, style, and sound. If you play a Nash you wont want to let her go.


To visit the Nash Site click HERE and check out all models. You can custom order your baby today by stopping or call Guitar Boutique. 

Here's some Nash Product Info: Nash are the largest independent builder of aged guitars and basses. Though our guitars replicate the look and vibe of old instruments, they have several updates in specs which appeal to the modern player. Only 100% Nitrocellulose lacquer is used, and all paints are hand mixed. No plastics, polyesters, catalyzed lacquer, or any wood strangling material. Our instruments are sold through authorized dealers only (not direct). Please contact one of our dealers for pricing and availablility.

All our guitars and basses are handcrafted in the USA by guitar and bass players.
We will not make something that we ourselves would not play.


Guitar Boutique is PROUD the be a Nash Custom Guitar Dealer.


      2015 Nash S67 Sunburst

2015 Nash S67 Sunburst 3T Medium Relic in Excellent Condition. Yes very little play time on this baby. Aging to Ash Body right and a fine example of Bill Nash's work. Lollar Pickups make this guitar sing. She weighs in at 7 lbs 10 oz. Feels great with wonderful tone and action. Comes with Original Nash Hardshell Case and Hang Tag. $1899.00

     Nash 2014 Fiesta Red S57

Nash S-57 2014 Fiesta Red Original Hag Tag & Case. Mint as the day it left Bill Nash's Factory. Wonderful Medium Relic, weighs 7 lbs 10 oz, with Lollar Pickups, and Ash Body. The color is a Faded Fiesta Red almost Salmon with Maple Neck. Comes with Original Nash Hardshell Case with keys and Nash Hag Tag. If you don't know Nash look them up. Once you own one you'll never want to be without one, two, or who's counting. We are a Nash Dealer and have more than a dozen always in stock. $1,899.00

   Nash 2017 S63 Sand over 3T

2017 Nash S-63 Desert Sand over 3T Sunburst. This one is a beauty and just special ordered from Bill Nash the master of aged perfect playing, perfect sounding guitars. She weighs in at 7 lbs 11 ounces and has an Ash Body. Lollar Pups bring out that wonderful tone. We ordered this color because we love it and you wont find another color combo like this anywhere. It went thru a heavy aging process and comes complete with original case, tag, and key. Ask any questions on this super fine guitar. SOLD

     2017 Nash T-63 DB Mocha

2017 Nash T-63 DB Mocha. Yes, this double bound baby is finished in a heavy relic Nash aged process. She's a Ash body, with Maple board, and Lollar Pickups.She weighs in at 7 lbs 2 ounces. Mocha finish is a 70's color with grain showing thru. In life every things possible and this just proves it. $2,395.00

2017 Nash T-63 DB Heavy Aged

2017 Nash T-63 DB Olympic White Heavy Relic. You'll be noticed and she feel, sounds, and tastes FANTASTIC. She's a Ash body, with Rosewood board, and Lollar Pickups.She weighs in at 7 lbs 2 ounces. This Nash Extra Heavy Aging process is a up-grade and she shows it. $2,495.00

   2017 Nash Extra Heavy Relic

Nash 2017 New S-57 Heavy Relic 2 Tone Guitar with Nash Hardshell Case. This Nash has it all, WOW. Extra Heavy Aged Relic only as Nash can do it. Complete Brand New 2017 from Nash. Ash Body, Lollar Pickups, 7 lbs 6 oz and that wonderful Nash Case, who could ask for more. We'll be listing more Nash Guitars soon because we are a Authorized Nash Deal and we LOVE NASH. The sound, the feel, and beauty of an American made quality guitar, wonderful. SOLD

        Nash S-57 Dakota Red

2017 Nash S-57 light relice in Dakota Red, hmmm. Yes just came in, this new Nash beauty. Lollar Pickups, Alder Body, nice MC Neck, weighs 7.14 lbs, with cool Pressed Leather Gator Hardshell Case. We just love this color, taken without a flash, so you know it pops in the light. Guitar Boutiques every day low price of $1,960.00 complete.

    Nash S67 Large Headstock

2014 Nash S67 Large Headstock, Heavy Aged, black over 3T sunburst. Real nice Nash and a discounted price for the over paint that is an upgrade at Nash. All original condition with no wear other than Nash Relic.Lollar Pups weighs in at 8.2 lbs. Comes with Original Nash Hang Tag and Nash Hardshell Case. Case has slight crack at edge area which does not take away from function or integrity of case. $1,899.00

        Nash  Mary Kay  S-57

Sweet to look at and packs a punch. Nash S-57 Mary Kay 2014 Heavy Relic in mint condition. Hard to find looking, and sounding as good as this one, and we set up to get attention. Comes with Original Nash Hardshell Case in good condition. $1,960.00

Nash S-63 Aged Olympic White

2015 Nash S-63 with Lollar Pickups and Alder Body. This baby weighs in at 7.15 pounds and has the TONE! She's mint in every way just as she left the factory in 2015. Medium Relic and mint perfect Black Original Hardshell Case. Comes with Original Hang Tag and set to perfection.$1,899.00

     Nash S-63 Seafoam Green

Nash 2013 S-63 in Seafoam Green. This baby is a medium Relic, in original mint condition, with no wear or issues, and weighs in at 7.12 lbs. Even the case is like new. A wonder aged Seafoam Green, dark and rich, with that cool shell guard and back cover. Lollar pups with Ash body. Comes with Original Nash Tag and she sings too! $1,899.00

  Nash 2014 Butterscotch T-52

This T-52 Butterscotch rocks. She's a medium Relic and just right. Wonderful light weight Ash Body, with Fralin Pickups, dose the trick. 2015 production in like new mint condition. Comes in Nash Custom Hardshell Case, keys, and original hangtag. $1,799.00

Nash T-63 Olympic Wht over 3T

Here's a dream come true New Old Stock. Nash 2015 T-63 in Aged Olympic White, over 3 Tone Sunburst, which is a custom up grade. She offers Lollar Pickups, Ash Body, Nickle Hardwear, Vintage C Shaped Neck, and a beautiful Custom Original Pressed Leather Nash Case. The guitar is in 2015 MINT NEW CONDITION with no signs of wear either than Bill Nash's "World Renowned Aging Process" but please see all pictures for condition. When you place this baby in your hands, you know why it took 4 months to get her in our shop. She's a worn pair of jeans, just right. When a player tries her out, we have to ask for it back, they just can't get enough. One of a kind guitar, that's the best that money can buy for less.

Beautiful 2015 Bill Nash T-63 in Olympic White over 3 Tone Sunburst. Custom ordered for appearance and comfort. Ash Body, Lollar Pickups, Medium Relic Finish, all aged to perfection. Comes in gorgeous Pressed Brown Leather Animal Look Case with Maroon Velvet Lining. A dream come true for any genre. $2,110.00


   Nash S57 Fiesta Heavy Relic 

NEW Nash 2017 S57 Heavy Relic. Yes this baby talked to me when I first played her. Fiesta Red with all the right things going for it. Ash Body weighs in at 7.5 pounds with Lollar Pups. Single Ply Pickguard with just the right aging. Note the cig burn on headstock, sizzle nice, but to play her is to realize she's for you. Sorry buy buy

Can't get much better. 2014 Nash T-63 in factory mint condition, Medium C neck, Ash Body, Lollar Pups, Fiesta Red, Original Hang Tag, Rare Black Nash Pressed Gator Case, just set up, WOW!  Plays like a dream. If you look at her, you want her. If you play her it's all over. SOLD

Bill Nash S-63 Metallic Ice Blue

   Nash S-63 Dakota Red Relic

Here's another winner. Nash 2015 S-63 Ice Metallic Blue, Medium Relic, with an Anodised 50's style pickguard. She looks like a late 1950's model but has the feel of a comfortable 60's. This baby offers Lollar Pickups, a Ash Body, Nickle Hardwear, Vintage C Shaped Neck, and a beautiful Custom Original Pressed Leather Nash Case. The guitar is in 2015 MINT NEW CONDITION with no signs of wear either than Bill Nash's "World Renowned Aging Process" but please see all pictures for condition. When you place this baby in your hands, you know why it took 4 months to get her in our shop. She's a worn pair of jeans, just right. When a player tries her out, we have to ask for it back, they just can't get enough. One of a kind guitar, that's the best that money can buy for less. SOLD

The Nash S-63 is one of Nash Guitars top vintage models. Bill Nash designed the S-63 to create a guitar that isn't extremely expensive, yet still captures that great look, feel, and playability of a well played and loved 1963.   

Not only does the Nash S-63 look and feel like a vintage guitar, it also features a number of popular modern appointments, such as Lollar Handwound Pickups and Gotoh Vintage Tuners.

If anyone knows about building vintage guitars, it's Bill Nash!  He has worked with a HUGE number of them for many years and has a great deal of knowledge about how a vintage guitar looks and feels. The aged control knobs, pickguards, dinged and scratched finish, and aged hardware make the S-63 look old, but the modern techniques used to make the guitar ensure that it plays like a brand new instrument. Each Nash S-63 is built by hand, so each one is completely unique.  It features a Rosewood Fingerboard, Swamp Ash Body, and Jason Lollar Hand-Wound Pickups. The bridge is made from vintage parts, and the entire guitar is given a medium level of wear and tear via a relic process. This baby is a 2015, that was slightly used, but in factory new condition no wear. We just set her up and she sounds, feels, and looks great. Comes with Nash Hang Tag and signature on back of headstock. Simulated Alligator Hardshell Nash Case with just a few minor scuffs. Sold

          2011 Bill Nash S-57



This is a 2011 Bill Nash S-57. Beautiful Surf Green over 3-Tone Sunburst. Bill Nash is the master of reliced guitars and this is glorious example of his work. This Strat feels amazing, looks wonderful, and sounds fantastic, and that's an understatement!  SOLD 


- Lindy Fralin pickups - Vintage Hot - neck, Vintage Hot - middle, High Output - bridge. 
-Ash body
-1 ply white pickguard
-Maple, "C"profile neck
-21 fret, 10" radius, with 6105 frets
-1 5/8" Graphtech self lubricating tusq nut
-250K CTS pots, Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, and CRL 5-way switch
-Traditional tremolo bridge with steel block

Original Nash Logo Hard Case with keys and hang tag. Lightweight, great feel, amazing tone, even smells great too! Come fall in love with this guitar!

Nash 2014 T-63 Seafoam Green

If you play it, it will be really hard to let her go! All Original Nash T-63 in Seafoam Green with a little Sonic Blue showing underneath, WOW. She houses Lollar Pups, with a Rosewood Fingerboard, and a Alder Body. She offered with a light to medium Relic Finish of course from Nash. Comes with Original Nash black Hardshell Case. So great we almost want to keep her in the herd. SOLD

       Nash S-63 Black Beauty

Nash 2015 S-63 with Lollar pups and Alder Body this baby talks. You hear every purr from her and she's the one. Weighs in at 7.14 lbs. Medium Relic, with Original Hardshell Nash Case also in excellent condition. SOLD




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