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Formed in 1967 by Lyndon Laney, Laney Amplification is a West Midlands based guitar and musical instrument amplifier manufacturer who were closely involved with Tony Iommi of BLACK SABBATH in the birth of the ‘Heavy Metal’ music genre. Since 1967, Laney Amplification has gone on from strength to strength and is presently a multinational company that continues to design ‘tone’ solutions to enable musicians of all playing styles and levels to attain their ‘tonal’ ecstasy. Laney currently work with globally renowned musicians and bands such as The Prodigy, The Foo Fighters, Killswitch Engage, Skindred, Black Sabbath and many more. Their design archive collection spans the music decades.

As a brand, Laney is historically associated with Birmingham City and its vibrant live music scene. In 2011, Laney sponsored the ‘Home of Metal’ exhibition at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery where there was much press recognition (CNN, BBC news, SKY news, SKY Arts and The Guardian) of their contribution to the ‘Heavy Metal’ music genre, cultural heritage and historic link with The Black Country and the city.

Laney Amplification began in 1967 when Lyndon Laney, whilst playing in a local band, “The Band of Joy“ with John Bonham on drums and Robert Plant on vocals, turned his musical interest into amplifier construction. Initially working in his father’s garage. Lyndon Laney sought to design and build amplifiers with key “tonal” characteristics that were unheard of at the time.
During this musically fertile time in Birmingham and the West Midlands, Lyndon Laney’s innovative amplifiers gained popularity among innovative musicians in the local gigging circuits and through word of mouth demand for Lyndon amplifiers grew.

Laney’s signature tone, coupled with unrivalled performance and affordability were key characteristics that helped set Laney amplifiers apart from its competitors. Laney amplifiers were highly sought after and used by numerous local musicians, one noted musician being Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, who used Laney amplifiers during the recording of their seminal first release “Black Sabbath“ launched on Feb 13th 1970.

1980s for Laney was a period marked by international market expansion and diversification of amplifier ranges to cater the ever-expanding amplification requirement.
As taste in music evolved, so did Laney. In the 1990s Laney continued to build on its reputation for producing ground-breaking amplification and in 1995 released the VC range of amplifiers, a retro styled Class A valve combo. In this period, Laney also released the Tube Fusion series of amplifiers combining solid-state power amplification with valve pre-amplification effects in one package that changed the hybrid amplification market, as well as widely acclaimed VH100R, GH100L and GH50L range of Class AB tube heads.

With a user list through the 90s that read like a who’s who of players :- Paul Gilbert, Tony Iommi, Frank Gambale, Andy Timmons, Pat Travers & Joe Satriani, to name a few, Laney amplification were being seen on stages all over the world and recognised as a serious tone expert among performing musicians.

The turn of the century saw no let up in the popularity of Laney products. Laney Amplification continues to build on its enviable heritage but never lost sight of the bright lights of innovation. Notable product releases since 2000 include the TT, a range of versatile high gain MIDI controlled amplifiers,NEXUS – a range of high performance bass amplifiers, Lionheart – a range of classic British retro style amp, and CUB – a range of vintage tone amplifiers in a small package.

We at Guitar Boutique are honored to offer Laney to our customers. We have more product than is on this page. We can also order any other models and most of the time have it on hand in a few working days. Please click HERE to visit the Laney Website.

Laney CUB-12R

Straight ahead vintage tone in a small package with simple controls.

The  All Tube CUB12R houses a 12” driver, giving it an increased volume and full rich valve tone. Looking at the preamp it’s clear that the CUB12R packs more into the amp than it’s smaller siblings. It features Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume, Tone and Reverb controls. The output section of the CUB12R is based around a pair of EL84 tubes giving it a more scooped tone than it’s smaller counterparts. Think smooth rich overdrive with bags of gain.

The CUB12R features two input sockets one-labeled 15W the other labeled less than one watt. Plug into the “less than one watt” and you get your great tube tone at a whisper. The less-than-one-watt option allows you to drive the power amp section really hard allowing you to really access the “dark art” tone of power amp distortion.

The CUB12R is a member of the CUB range which offers everyone the opportunity to experience the sound and feel of a good quality tube amp at what is an amazing price. $399.99

  • Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume and Tone controls
  • FS1 footswitch (Not Included)
  • FX loop
  • Reverb
  • Two EL84 tubes
  • Three ECC83 tubes

           Laney VC15-110 

The Laney VC15-110 Tube Combo Amp is the baby of the Laney VC amplifier range. Built on the distinguished heritage of the VC30, the VC15 amp delivers great tone. The VC15 delivers 15 watts of amazingly warm or classic bluesy lead tone powered by matched EL84 tubes and cranked out through its internal 10" speaker. If 10" ain't enough for you, there are two dedicated extension cabinets - the GS112VE and the GS210VE. $499.99

Superb British Class A tone with a pedigree straight from the '60s.

  • Power RMS: 15 Watts
  • Inputs: 2x Jack (Bright & Normal)
  • Channels: 2: Clean and Drive
  • Equalisation: Bass, Mid & Treble
  • Bright Switch: Yes
  • Preamp Valves: 3x 12AX7 TAD Tubes
  • Output Valves: 2x EL84 TAD Tubes
  • Class: A/B
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Footswitch: FS2 (Not included)
  • Speaker connections: 1x External Speaker Socket (cuts out internal speaker)
  • FX Loop(s): Yes

           Laney VC30-112

The Laney VC30 Tube Combo Amplifier features a single channel with footswitchable gain, with its own level control, 3-band EQ and a bright switch. The VC30 range of combo amps offers classic British Class A tone in a variety of speaker options. If you're looking for that elusive living tone then look no further than the Laney VC30. The VC30-112 houses a 12" custom designed 35-watt driver.

The VC30 generates very little cross over distortion because it runs in pure class A mode—its valves are always hot and ready to roll, which gives it that unmistakable class A sound and feel. If you've never experienced that level of connection between a player an amp and a tone then you've never tried a VC30.

To complement the VC30 range of amplifier there are a range of dedicated extension cabinets in a couple of differing speaker options to give the player the opportunity to mix and match speaker complement to get that ultimate classic tones.

The GS112VE is a 1 x 12" extension cabinet and the GS210VE is a 2 x 10" extension cabinet. Mix and match to your tones content. $699.99

Superb British Class A tone with a pedigree straight from the '60s.

  • Power RMS: 30 Watts
  • Inputs: Hi & Lo Jacks
  • Channels: 2
  • Equalisation: Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Bright Switch: Yes, On Clean Channel
  • Preamp Valves: Premium ECC83
  • Output Valves: Premium EL84
  • Class: Class A
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Footswitch: FS2 (Not included)
  • Speaker connections: Jack
  • FX Loop(s): Yes
  • Impedance: Minimum 4 ohms




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