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Every since we can remember these NOT Fender or Gibson Guitar have been around. Yes, the once off brands. They were recognized by many famous performers of the past. Now collectors go crazy for them and they are not off brands any more. We are more than happy to carry The Kay Reissue Guitar Line at Guitar Boutique. The quality of Kay Reissue Guitars and their Custom Two Tone Cases are fabulous. These guitars have the look, feel, and sound that turn heads to see your beauty. Check out some of The Kay Guitars we have in stock. If you don't see it call us at Guitar Boutique. Maybe we didn't list it yet. You can always visit The Kay Reissue Guitar Site on line and we will get that beauty, set it up, and you'll have a treasure.  To visit the Kay Reissue Line Click HERE.


If you do not see a tag on the back of the headstock the guitar may be a 2nd B Stock, unlicensed goods, or even stolen property. These guitar DO NOT have a serial number and ARE NOT COVERED under Kay Warranty. All of our Kay Reissued Guitars are Factory Firsts A Stock Guitars for US Distribution. Also at Guitar Boutique all guitars are completely examined and set up for maximum playability.

The K161 Kay Thin Twin electric guitar was originally introduced in 1952 and was known as the "Jimmy Reed" or "Howlin' Wolf" model. T-Bone Burnett played a Thin Twin to back up Robert Plant and Allison Krause at the 2009 Grammy Awards. The Thin Twin was the first guitar able to create that unique blues sound from the special Kay interior bracing that made the instrument a favorite among blues players as well as rockers of the '50s and '60s. The Thin Twin got its name from its two blade pickups, known for their distinctive clean, sharp, sustaining sound. The Thin Twin's hollowbody chamber parallel bracing produces that gutsy, bluesy, raw sound, creating a clean natural distortion without feedback.
Below is the Kay K161VB Blonde. $999.99 which includes a  Kay Custom Case. 

Kay K161VCS Cherry Sunburst. $999.99 which includes custom case.

On the cutting edge of electric guitar design and among the most famous, revered and collected of the Kay electric guitars. The Jazz II is an extremely versatile instrument for stage and studio, with the ability to deliver a range of sounds from warm jazz to rock-n-roll. Among the most notable artists in the early 60's was 17 year old Eric Clapton, who used the Kay Jazz II with his first band "The Roosters". Striking beauty, tone and playability makes this guitar an overall winner in any style of music and provides a vintage-chic that will continue to wow the crowd. Below is the Kay K775VS Ice Tea Burst. Call for price which includes a Kay Custom Case. Sorry Sold


Here's a produced 1961-65 Rare Kay Speed Demon in vibrant red. The color is much closer to the 1st picture, (camera lighting washout, sorry). She's all original and as close to mint as you can find. This thin-line semi acoustic/electric single cutaway has style on style. Note the pointed headstock and Kay Logo on it. A wonderful example of the 60's on fire. $799.99

Kay K-102 Vanguard 2 Pickup Guitar- This guitar was produced from 1961-66 and is winner for being a students low cost guitar of that time. She's in above excellent condition almost mint. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves. All original and comes with chipboard period case. $699.99


1960's Kay Model 703 with Original Shipping Box- Like when did anyone keep a shipping box in the 60's? This is probably the only one around. This tube amp is in near to perfect condition. The only thing we found is the 8" Jensen Speaker may have been an upgrade. Speaker looks like the same period but these amps came with a stock smaller magnet speaker. Amp checker out to be in fine working order. Tolex, grill, handle, all original and without wear/damage. A great find to use or for the collection. $499.99

Cool 1960's Kay K-1B SG Style Bass. We know some people owned this vintage Kay Bass. These bass guitars were Made in Japan and much like the Teisco or Harmony Guitar. This one's in excellent condition and just set up. $299.99

1960's Kay Hollow Body Archtop- Here's a thin line archtop, made by Kay, that just had to be somebody's first guitar. Excellent over all condition and sounds/plays wonderful. No fret wear and a whammy that you'll love. SOLD 
Oh, the Purple Fender Vibro-King with gold hardware? Yes, she's a rare bird, but don't get your hopes up, she's in for a service repair. 

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