David Russell Gordon "Dave" Davies, Lead guitarist for The Kinks, stops in at Guitar Boutique WOW! My pleasure to chat with a legend of the music world. You never know who will show up at Guitar Boutique. 

Customers & Friends

Below Gene Cornish of The Rascals at Guitar Boutique.

Once again, Guitar Boutique is not just a business, it's a community. This page is dedicated to friends and customer that have showed interest and have been involved with us. Music is an international language that automatically acts as a peace treaty. It offers focus, fuels your personality, relieves stress, has indefinite rewards, and has helped people when medicines or no other means of therapy worked. We would like to thank everyone that has been a part of our community however big or small. Feel free to contact us in any way. Also be sure to visit our showroom and check our page Shows & Bands. It would be great to have you attend a gig, show, or function. Just remember, anyone can enjoy the color of music. 


Thrilled Bill Turner of Blue Smoke, formally guitarist in Bill Haley & The Comets, stopped in at Guitar Boutique to say hi. I just had to play a few tunes with Bill for old times. A great guy, a great player, and I'm proud to call him my friend.

Here's not just another friend and customer of Guitar Boutique. Richard Brunner is as solid as a rock, when he's on the bass, in any band. We use to go see him in the late 60's just because he was in the best band around Fast Cargo. At that time they were playing Cream, Traffic, ect. I'm sure he had an influence on more people than he even knows.






It's a lucky day when you can catch Julie Sax performing. There's sightings of this incredible sax player in the Tri-State Area all the time. It seems like a different band every night! From jazz to rock-n-roll, Julie lays one down you'll never forget. We thank her for being a part of our music community.








The one and only Steve Johnson. This man takes the blue out of blues. Any headliner would be happy if Steve opened for them. Steve hosts the Open Mic Jam, at Mexicali Live located at 1409 Queen Anne Rd Teaneck NJ, every Tuesday Night. If you like Johnny Winter or Stevie Ray, head over and check him out, but don't be surprised if he jazzes you out!

Besides winning "The Nice Guy of the Year Award", Zeke Carey is awesome on stage. He is a fantastic singer songwriter that has a winner band. Zeke hosts a open mic night at Hansil's 7 Ramapo Valley Rd Oakland NJ every Wednesday Night.









Sing the blues, this girl paints them in colors you haven't heard. Maria Whitney is a power house. A soul singer that touches your heart. When she drops in after a break, your she's the one that sounds like a saxophone. A few seconds later, that's right, she's the one that takes over the stage. We're happy at Guitar Boutique to call Maria our friend.

Keith Richards ain't got nothin on JB Lessin. Everyone that has been at a JB Show comes away a fan. You can catch him sometimes, Open Mic Mondays, at The Hilltop Tavern 50 Essex St Lodi NJ and The Greek Island Grill 77 Main St Hackensack NJ some Fridays, where he tastefully steals the show. 










Mark Brandenburg stops at Guitar Boutique several times a month to check out the latest additions. It's just something about a guitarists style that makes him stand out. Mark puts his stamp on his playing. From jazz, standards, and rock, this man is tasteful. He's played with a lot of big cats, and we assure you, a night with Brandenburg is a night you'll remember.



Another all round great guy and musician. Roger Astudillo played with Debbie Harry of Blondie back in the day. It's always a pleasure to have Roger on the scene. The guitarist you never have to worry about and brings the most to the music. Check him out on bass with The Zeke Carey Band.






A good friend and customer of Guitar Boutique. Mr. John Amato, of North Bergen NJ, plays a late 1950's Blonde Harmony H65. We are proud to say that John was Guitar Boutique's first customer. He volunteers time preaching, leading church bands, and giving free guitar lessons to people in need. He also volunteers the word and music at hospitals and halls. A very talented musician to say the least. He can often be sited at the one and only Guitar Boutique.















Always happy to attend a Stone Flower Gig. Peter Weiss is the guitarist of Stone Flower, a Santana Tribute Band. Peter plays with great phrasing and style. If it's a Harrison or Santana Riff, Peter's got it down. The kind of guitarist that would compliment any band and we're happy to have him drop in at Guitar Boutique.

What can you really state about some people. Well this is what we'll state about Cliff "Dog" Banunzio. Seasoned bass player, vocals, and a all around fun guy. Cliff's been playing the cercuit for years and still going at it. He's now in a Do Wop Band called The Classic 45 and rocks out with Nemesys. Going to see Cliff is always a good time!



Here's the rest of Nemesys. Tony Cavallo left and Cris Caravale on right. Both of these guys are a pleasure to hear sing. It's a honor to play with them and even beter just to sit in the crowd. By the way, Tony's Pink Paisley Strat in picture was purchased at Guitar Boutique.











Manny is a teacher at Guitar Boutique and LuLu who is still trying to figure out what a guitar is, lol.

Some Mail From Our Customers

Hello Steven and hope all is well. My daughter and I met you at one of your musical garage sales and also purchased guitars from you for an art project. I was looking up info about Slash and saw that he was searching for a special guitar that he used to have. He said he would make it worth while as far as price goes. I thought of you about this situation. He is looking for his Gibson LP Goldtop serial #70854. If you can be any help please email him at below address. We love your guitar store, so cool and unique, and we have been telling a lot of people in NJ/NY about Guitar Boutique. Thank you, Lillian.  






611 Bergen Blvd Ridgefield, NJ  201.945.5577  guitarboutique611@gmail.com

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