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At Guitar Boutique, our inventory has grown so much that we have to have separate pages for each major brand. Fender has branded the market of Vintage Guitars. What started out as a small business for Leo Fender, has turned out into a Legend in the guitar world. In the 1950's the Stratocaster and Telecaster blossomed. They were followed my many other models. Even the student models were made so well they are now main stream and in demand. If you don't see the guitar you are interested in please call. Maybe we didn't list it yet, or afraid to list it, because we want to look at it just one more day. These guitars are investments, works of art, and have brought rock-n-roll to our doorstep.

Fender 1978 Musicmaster vintage guitar. Here's a cool vintage Fender that wont break your bank. She's in excellent condition and plays sounds great too. All Original, no fret wear, no dent, dings, or scratches we could find. Slight darker spot on back probably from a guitar strap. Probably with cleanest one you can find period. $1,499.95

1973 Competition Mustang

Fender 1973 Competition Mustang- This is NOT a Japan Reissue. Here's the real deal, feels it, and sounds it. Yes I, owner of Guitar Boutique, am a Vintage Fender Mustang Lover! Yellow is the hardest Fender Competition color to find in this very near mint condition. As you can see from the pics the only slight condition issue is the light red bleeding to the back of body. This was caused by a guitar strap left inside case while it was stored. That's why it's in this great condition. It was stored for a long time. This Mustang is almost completely All Original. The ONLY replaced part is the pearl aged pickguard. Original guard was broken. We are proud to offer such quality vintage guitars, as this winner Yellow Competition Mustang, in it's Period Original Case. $3,495.00



Triple Trouble Rare 69 Swingers

We can sell these RARE Fender 1969 Swingers as a group. That's right all three. Hand picked for being in best condition and all original. This may be the BEST investment you could ever make and the only place offered on EARTH like this. We'll just be sorry to see them leave. Call for ALL 3 Swinger GROUP PRICE.

Believe your eyes. Yes, a 1969 Fender Swinger in Dakota Red aged to perfection. This model was ONLY made in 1969 by Fender right after CBS bought Fender. It was made with all pre CBS Parts produced from Fender's Bass V and Musicmaster inventory. There was NO paper work produced by Fender on this model and they really don't even know how many they made. It's said they produced between 300 and 600 guitars. This Swinger is in excellent condition for it's age and it's all original. It has light finish checking to the body, very light fret wear, and a small paint loss to bottom edge of body from laying in case. Expected for a guitar of this age. Looks the coolest and I just loved playing it, so please don't make us sell it. We just love to gasp at her. She's offered in her Original Hardshell Case. $3,495.00

Double delight 1969 Fender Swinger in Fender Aged Olympic White. The Tiger Maple Neck on this baby is to die for. This Swingers in great condition. She started off Fender Olympic White but has turned over the years to a desirable off white yellow tint. These 69's have such a great sound forget about a bridge pickup. No issues here and we hope she stays for a long time at Guitar Boutique. So RARE so FINE. She comes with that cool early Fender Strap and nice condition Fender Gray Hardshell Case. $4,495.00

Triple Trouble 1969 Fender Swinger- As mint as you will be able to find it too in Lake Placid Blue! Yes, we are very patriotic at Guitar Boutique. This baby takes our breath away. Better than money in the bank. Money is very common. Lets face it, it's everywhere you look. On the other hand how many Lake Placid 1969 Fender Swingers are around in pristine condition, and is a nice one for sale? Whatever is left of Fender Records state 300-600 Swingers were produced in Dakota Red, Black, Candy Apple Red, Olympic White, Sonic Blue, Lake Placid Blue. How many of these Swingers are still in existence? No one really knows but it is certain that most collectors are giving up the Swinger in their collection. $6,499.00



68 Mustang Olympic White

1968 Mustang Olympic White- This Vintage Mustangs are getting harder and harder to find in good condition. This baby plays very well. Just love that true tremolo arm. She's 100% Original right down to the frets that are in excellent condition with years of life left. There are some true road worn nicks that are shown in the pictures. Over all this guitar is in very good condition, all original, and a winners for sure. Comes with Original Vintage Hard Shell Case. $1,999.99

1962 Fender Musicmaster

White glove treatment. Yes we have to wear white gloves to handle this virgin. Guitar Boutique would like to present this 1962 Fender Musicmaster in its original, and still brilliant Shaded Sunburst Finish. It has a great playing neck with like new frets. It's all original and 100% complete including its original ashtray cover, strap, hang tag, and original hardshell case. In 1962 this guitar was a students model from Fender, BUT IT STILL KNOCKS OUR SOXS OFF. For it's age this Fender is in museum quality collectors grade condition. It shows extremely light finish checking and other very minor cosmetic wear. Everything remains structurally sound with no cracks, breaks, or repairs. All electronics work, sounds great, and is a dream come true. $2,999.99



Fender Mustang 1966- All Original Aged Dakota Red. This darker natural turned red is very sort after. Condition very good with just some minor paint loss to body as shown. No other wear and comes with Original Hard Shell Fender Case. $2,199.99

Fender Music Master Guitars

Take a good look boys and girls because this is the definition of cool! A 1965 Fender Musicmaster II, A1 Condition, in Original Hardshell Case. Yes, that's a LP Record Album. For you kids it went on a turntable or years ago called a Victrola. This album was from Shadows of the Night and the hit was G L O R I A ! The song had a real Yardbirds Sound.

Back to the axe, the Musicman was produced as a Student Short Scale Guitar. It was so accurate in pitch and tone, it's highly sort after today. She's in Olympic White and Fully Original. Maybe not to die for, but just give me one like this to play up in Heaven. Straight out of our Private Stock Selection. $1,799.99

1975 Fender Music Master- Dakota Red with a Rosewood Fingerboard is a great thing. This Vintage Fender is like money in the back. Soon these affordable Fenders are going to be worth double what they are now. The rest of the Maple Neck looks brand new. This baby has a nice 24" scale and has very limited wear. Some minor light scratches to body and near no fret wear. No issues and ready to play. Enjoy a vintage guitar that wont break your bank. Comes with Original Hard Shell Fender Case. $1,199.99

1966 Fender Musicmaster II- Very cool ALL ORIGINAL Dakoda Red Musicmater II. This guitar has a nice feel and has that Vintage Fender Sound too. There are no issues and that aged Dakoda Red is what drives collectors nuts. It only takes about 40 years or so to get that special tone of deep red. The Musicmaster 2 was produced from 1964 to 1969. Unlike it's predecessor Musicmaster, the Musicmaster II only was produced with a regular long scale neck. Everything is right on this guitar including the price. $1,799.99

Fender Musicmaster 1960- Desert Sand near mint with just a few minor nicks to edge area. All Original with no case. SOLD

Fender 1966 Duo Sonic II- Here's one that came out of my own personal collection. Fender Guy's love Daphne Blue that turns darker after aging, and how can you not? This guitar has Character Plus. In addition to it's body color, the pick guard is aged light green, and the neck is fantastic. Second picture shows Birds Eye Maple wood used. Yes, this was stock and NOT Custom Shop. Fender wouldn't use this quality wood today on a standard, especially a almost student guitar. She's not completely original but restored with taste. Guitar is a refin to the exact Fender Aged Daphne Blue. Body slightly distressed. We did a better than new fret job. Pickgurad is a age replacement. Everything on this guitar screams character and is just as it should be. Comes with a period Fender Hatrdshell Case. A Special Fender shown with a beautiful Get'm Get'm Strap. $OLD

1973-74 Fender Mustang 3 Tone Sunburst- This Vintage Fender Mustang screams and looks the hits of the 70's. Guitar is in fine evenly worn condition with no issues. The Mustang has the smoothest Tremolo System and the neck on this baby is the real deal. We could just imagine a teenager going to his local music shop with his dad and getting a brand new Mustang. Later that day he'd be playing Mustang Sally, by Wilson Pickett, for sure. To play a guitar like this is the closest thing to get back to that Fantastic Music Time. This fine instrument comes in it's Original Hardshell Case. $1,799.99

1966 Fender Mustang- This guitar has just the right amount of wear, to look good, and to be over 45 years old. She's a very desirable Fender Daphne Blue with Original Moto Pearl Pickguard. This baby feels great, all original, and sounds the part too. Nice Original Hardshell Case, missing middle latch and snap on inside plastic hold, but in good otherwise condition. SOLD

1979 Fender Stratocaster Silver            Anniversary Model

If your a Fender Fanatic then it's time to get excited about this baby. It's hard to find a 1979 Stratocaster Silver Anniversary Model in good condition like this one. She's a 9 out of 10 in light of her age. The body is still a wonderful silver. As you may know many turned greenish gold. The body has one very tiny dimple on front and a small infraction on back. Both are hard to photo and you have to look close to see them. Neck is 100% and the frets have slightly a little wear. Years and years of playing time left. So light that they should not be dressed. This is the nicest Silver Ann we ever had. She a little heavy, as the late 70's were. Guitar weighs 10 pounds but plays and sounds incredible. The Original Hardshell Case is also in excellent condition. Comes with whammy, bridge cover and case key. Completely original and getting harder and harder to find in this condition. SOLD

1965 Fender 3 Tone Jaguar and yes she's the real deal. As you can see from pics the neck is dated APRIL65B. Guitar is in overall very good condition. Very little wear or paint loss to body or neck. Neck is straight and frets have been dressed. She plays fine and sounds wonderful. This Jag is All Original, with the exception of the trem arm, which is Fender. Tip on arm aged to right color to match and chrome has been slightly dulled also to match. Chrome is correct on the arm which was stock original. Note original string dampening intact. With the string dampener still on guitar we shimmed neck just as Fender did in 65. This guitar is boss and will only increase in value. She's older than most of you are, lol. No case included. SOLD

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