We would like to bring to your attention we can not list guitars on this page fast enough. Some are here today and gone tomorrow. So our inventory is much greater than listed here. Please call for any additional information.

Guitars have curves, style, color, tone, and we could go on and on. These beauties have seniority, and a special appeal, that make every guitarist want them. You can ask every guitarist if he has enough and the answer is NO! From The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Cream, Jimi Hendrix,  to Led Zeppelin and The Who, the guitars made the Sound and even more the Statement! At Guitar Boutique we are proud to carry Airline, Burns, Danelectro, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Hagstrom, Harmony, Hofner, Ibanez,  Kay, Kent, Mosite, PRS, Rickenbacker, Silvertone, Supro, and Univox  to name a few. There are those ever so famous models like The Gibson Les PaulThe Gibson SG, Fender's Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Epiphone's Casino. The players that made them so popular Jimi's Strat, Neil Youngs Old Black, Eric Clapton's SG, Bruce's Tele and The Beatles Epip's. I can still see Kieth Richards playing his clear Ampeg Dan Armstrong like was yesterday.

The problem is that our Vintage Guitars don't stay long. They come in and go out on a day to day basis. So please call us if you can't find it on the Guitar Boutique website at 201-945-5577.



If you do not see the guitar you are looking for here check by brand name.

Electric Guitars

Here's just a small view of Electric Guitar Inventory. We carry Brands New, Used, and we love Vintage. We carry electrics that are priced as low as $99.99 and up. Following are our Best Sellers such as: Charvel, Danelectro, Dillion, Eastwood Airline, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Hofner, Ibanez, Kay Reissue, Italia, Paul Reed Smith, Samick, Silvertone Reissue, Voyage Air, etc. Types consist on this page of Solid Body, Chambered or Simi Hollow Bodies Guitars. We have hundreds of Unique and Rare Guitars on display. As always, Guitar Boutique offers one FREE GUITAR LESSON with every guitar purchase. We have MANY more used and new guitars then are listed here. Please call or stop by for info.








Rare Washburn CT2- Rare Washburn CT2 in Aqua Sparkle Finish. Cool retro Jazzmaster Shape, this guitar is special. Rosewood Fingerboard with Origianl Bigsby Trem System. Condition Mint with no isses and all original. Produced in the late 90's. and may be the ONLY Aqua Green Sparkle in the USA. We're even having a hard time showing this one. It's a keeper. $1,799.99











Dano Short Scale Vintage Long Horn. Yes, this body style has been around for longer than a lot of your views age. She's quality new and exciting. New just took out of the box and set her up. If you check this guitar is not even listed on the Danelectro Site. Be the only one around with this cool guitar! $499.99

B.C. Rich Mockingbird in mint condition. Guitar in Metallic Cherry Red with Floyd Rose Bridge System. All original, set up and ready to rock. $249.99 




Hofner Club Guitar- Yes this is similar Lennon's but in black. This is New Old Stock and Hofner has stopped production on them now. The new Clubs are solid and not the same at all. This guitar has the Classic Switch Pannel and not the new knob system. It's also Chambered which will give that Tone and Sustain your looking for. Last one we have and they are getting Rare. Priced at $499.99 get this one while you can.

F-300 Hagstrom- These F-300 are getting harder and harder to find. In design, this guitar somewhat mimic a Burns, with the double cutaway horns. This one is a 2005 in excellent to mint condition with no wear. Wonderful color combo with black finish and slight moto aged pearl pick guard. Note the trapezoid shaped tuners which are real nice. Guitar plays and sound amazing. $499.99






Fender MIM Strats and Tele's- If your looking for a great inexpensive guitar a MIM would be a wonder choice. They are sold here on a regular basis starting at $399.99 set up and ready to play. We do not chance pic because they sell to fast. Check our Fender Page, call or stop in for todays inventory at Guitar Boutique.


Please check the tab "Fender Electric".

More in stock, come in or call...



Italia Modena- 2011 Red Sparkle Modena with that Real Surf Retro Look. New Guitar with 3 Pup's to get you to where your going. Sorry, this guitar is SOLD, but we can get another. Sorry, this guitar is sold but we can order any Italia for you.

Vintage Guitars

There's just something about guitars that's Cool.

And we all know Vintage Guitars are the Coolest!

Shown below is a 1960's Harmony H-1446 Chris Isaac Guitar.




Hagstrom- 1960's in near mint condition with no wear. There is some separation slighly between plastic at edge. This is normal on this guitar from age. Hagstrom decal on headstock missing. $699.99

1980's Fenandez Strat copy, very popular, so popular that Fender sewed them and they changed to headstock shape. Great condition with a couple of small nicks. Check the wonderful patina of the white covers, knobs, pickguard turning a darker white. SOLD


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