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Since 2001 Eastwood has been creating some of the most exciting Electric Guitars the world has ever seen. Our RADICAL VINTAGE REMAKE series feature a variety of models based on popular sixties designs. From the classic Mosrites to our top-selling AIRLINE, they capture the excitement and style of the originals. Each year the prices of the originals skyrocket, they are getting harder to find. Eastwood's focus is to make top quality replicas, that cost less and play better, so the average musician can experience the excitement of playing one of these beautiful vintage guitars as their every day player. All Eastwood Guitars are fitted with high-quality modern components that offer an optimal playing experience that far exceeds their 1960's original counterparts. It is hard to find a guitar these days that oozes more vintage style than an Eastwood.


We are excited to offer the Full Line of Eastwood Guitars at Guitar Boutique. Check out this page, also check out Eastwood's site for any other new arrivals or information. Give us a call direct 201-945-5577 or mail us on our Contact Us Tab. We would be happy to assist you in answering questions you may have. Click HERE to visit Eastwood Airline.

         Airline Roy Smeck II

Rare Airline Roy Smeck II Red Burst. This model is out of production from Eastwood Airline. We were surprised just how easy, fun, and great sounding this guitar is. The guitar is in like new mint condition. No issues or wear at all. It's kind of like a Vintage Harmony but made pro today. Nut measures 1 11/16" and she weighs 6.2 lbs. Great sounding vintage type pups, tuners, and style. We think it's a 2014-15. Hard to find today. Comes with like new SKB Hardshell Case and keys. $899.99

♪ Eastwood Supro Dual Tone ♪

Eastwood Supro Dual Tone- Here's a blast from the past. This bad boy looks almost exact to her 50-60's classic. We will say that she's built better, with a four bolt on neck instead of two. Really the the earlier models had one bolt for stabilization and the other was an neck adjustment screw. This one is smooth sounding and smooth sounding also. You can't go wrong with her looks or your ear. Come in and try her for a spin. Suggested retail $779.00. Our price set up and ready to go $599.95 complete.



SIDEJACK DXL- The SIDEJACK DXL series are based on the 1960’s MOSRITE. Mosrite guitars were made in USA and began gaining in popularity in the early 1960’s with the help of The Ventures. Its distinctive shape features a reversed-Stratocaster look. This guitaris shown in a fabulous Metal Blue but also offered in three other finishes. SOLD

Eastwood Airline 2P-DLX- This is just like the 3P-DLX but with 2 pups and stop hardtail bridge. Below check out the specs. Priced at $749.99


Model Name: AIRLINE® 2P DLX
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Price: $749.00 US
Airline® Guitars were made in the USA from 1958-68 by VALCO and sold through Montgomery Ward. VALCO also made National and SUPRO brands. Today they are played by people like David Bowie, The Cure, Calexico and White Stripes. Original Res-O-Glas models now sell for $2,000-$3,000.
Colours: Red, Black, Sahara Blue, White, LH Red, LH Black
Body: Tone Chambered Mahogany
Neck: Bound Maple, Bolt-on
Fingerboard: Rosewood, Block Markers
Scale Length: 25 1/2" (648mm)
Width at Nut: 1 11/16"
Pickups: Two Alnico Hot-10 Humbuckers
Switching: 3-Way
Controls: 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 1 Master Volume
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic, Custom Chrome Tail
Hardware: Vintage Kluson Style Nickel/Chrome
Strings: D'Addario #10
Case: extra
Unique Features: Custom Chrome tailpiece, Raised Metal AIRLINE Logo
Suggested Retail: $949.00US







Airline Map- National Map Guitars were made in the USA from 1958-64 by VALCO and sold through Montgomery Ward. This AIRLINE MAP is a tribute to the NATIONAL Newport Guitar from 1962. Today they are played by people like David Bowie, The Cure, Calexico and White Stripes. Original MAP Res-O-Glas models now sell for $3,000-$5,000. Shown in Seafoam Green it is also offered in Red, Black and White. $879.00






This AIRLINE Tuxedo is designed after the Barney Kessel model from the mid 1950's and sold under the brands of KAY and AIRLINE. This AIRLINE TUXEDO is a full hollow body design, lightwieght and versatile with a tonal palette suitalbe from JAZZ to PUNK. Original Barney Kessel models now sell for $3,000-$5,000 Shown in Black, this model is also offered in Copper and Sunburst. $879.00











The Eastwood Stormbird is a based on the 1960's non-reverse Firebird. Loaded with P-90 pickups, stop tail, tune-o-matic bridge and featuring a set maple neck design. The Stormbird is well balanced, solid instrument that delivers what you would expect from a guitar at three times the price. Shown in Gold it is also offered in Red and Black. SOLD

Here's an Eastwood Classic IV in mint condition. Even the Hardshell Eastwood Case is in mint condition. The Eastwood models are VERY HARD TO FIND in a retail shop. This base is our favorite. It simulates an old Guild, Gretsch, and Gibson Vintage Basses. This guitar is warmer than a Hofner, and with today's effects, can sound like any bass. It's really hard to have that warmth if it's not there to begin with. The wood tone is of a medium brown with wonderful grain. Once you hear this bass, the other basses will just have to step aside. Priced right at $499.99 with hardshell case. The semi-hollow body CLASSIC 4 design takes from the famous 60’s "Country Classic " look and the 30" scale allowed us to develop an instrument with great balance and feel. You will find this BASS will become your everyday player that you can for hours! In the News:  "The Classic 4 is dead sexy, Sixties style, and its retro-style pickups produce classic rock tone."  SOLD

This tribute to the 1960's Airline H78 - which at the time was also available under the brands of Harmony and Silvertone - covers all the best parts of the originals, but kicks it up a notch for 2014. True in almost every detail to the original, "upgraded" features include the new Gold Foil Argyle pickups, a modern roller bridge for tuning stability, a center block for Bigsby stability and feedback suppression. SOLD

Eastwood Saturn 63- Just like the vintage Saturn 63 this baby surfs it's way into Rock History. Here's your chance to get one of these babies under the lowest advertised price. This guitar is slightly used but in new condition. SOLD



Eastwood 59 Custom Deluxe 3P- Here's the creme of the crop from Eastwood Airline. She's a solid repro of the Res-O-Glass Guitars made by National back in the 1960's. A Volume and Tone for each pickup with a Master Volume. Of course the Bigsby and that Ridge Body with Rubber Edge Binding. Sorry Sold 


Here's some additional info.



The original Res-O-Glas fiberglass guitars were produced by the Valco Guitar Company primarily between 1962 and 1967. Valco manufactured these guitars under various names including their own product lines Supro, National, Atlas and Valco as well as several house brand names including Airline (Montgomery Ward) and English Electronic's Tonemaster.



Airline 3P-DLX- Airline Guitars were made in the USA from 1958-68 by VALCO and sold through Montgomery Ward. VALCO also made National and SUPRO brands. Today they are played by people like David Bowie, The Cure, Calexico and White Stripes. Original Res-O-Glas models now sell for $2,000-$3,000. Yes the Airline 3P-DLX is very cool indeed. It's shown here in Sunburst but offered in Red, Black, and White Left Hand only. Sorry Sold





Bighorn- One of the early "student" guitars found in North American Catalogs in the 1960s. This model was available under the brands of Airline, Supro, Kay and many others. This new Eastwood release is based on the original 1960′s AIRLINE Bighorn, it features an updated adjustable bridge, truss rod and the modern popular Diamond Argyle Single Coil Pickups. She's shown in Vintage Green but offered in 3 different colors. Check Eastwood's site for color selection.

SOLD But we can order any Eastwood Airline's you would like!


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