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We're happy to have so many New Old Stock Dano's and current models in stock. The most common answer when players are asked? What do you like about the Danelectro's is, they're so much fun to play. But who can't remember Jimmy Page Playing his DC-59 Dano. They've been around for 50 or so years and still have that Danelectro Silvertone retro look. Check out some of our stock and also check Danelctro's web site. Remember we also ship. To visit the Dano site please press HERE .

Danelectro 67 Heaven Hawk- One of the coolest Dano’s ever first appeared in 1967. A classic body style, great neck feel, fabulous tone. This first ever reissue includes “souped up" Lipstick pickups, adjustable bridge and cool alligator finishes! Less like a reissue and more like a reviving, we are happy to offer the new 2013 Danelectro '67 Heaven guitars, which are similar-but-updated versions of the vibey Danelectro Hawk which was originally introduced in 1967. With the hotter-wound Lipstick pickups, the '67 Heaven is ready to pick up where the Hawk left off in both great tone and style. Shown in Red Alligator. $449.99


  • Alligator Creme Finish
  • Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 21 Frets
  • Hotter-Wound Lipstick Single Coil Pickups
  • 6-Saddle Adjustable Bridge
  • Volume and Tone Controls
  • Hawk-Style Headstock
  • White Button Tuners








D-56 GTR-CPR Danelectro- Single cut-a-awy Copper New Old Stock DC-59. Mint axe just waiting to get it on. Of course this Dano looks old school plays new school. Only one NOS left at sale price. $399.99




Danelectro Modified 59- They call this the 59M NOS because it has a Factory Modified Adjustable Bridge System. We hang this one in our kitchen area just to mavel over it. Finished in Gloss Black this is a hot mama! SOLD







Dano Short Scale Vintage Long Horn Guitar- Yes, this body style has been around for longer than a lot of your views age. She's quality new and exciting. New just took her out of the box and set her up. If you check this guitar is not even listed on the Danelectro Site. Be the only one around with this cool guitar! $499.99

Rare Dano Longhorn Acoustic

RARE Danelectro Coral Longhorn Acoustic- Here's a super cool short scale Dano Longhorn. Looking at this guitar brings a picture of the Brian Jones. Not that we found a pic of him with one, just this baby suggests that scene. She's from the mid 60's with no issues. Condition is a strong 9 out of 10 and VERY RARE to find in this fine condition. You never know what you may find at Guitar Boutique. SOLD




Above Vintage Danelectro Model 272 Centurion in great condition. A wonderful old tube amp in hard to find condition. $499.99

What a find, Black Crinkle Finish and all, check those Vintage Tuners. This Danelectro 1966 Model 1N-12 is the bomb. This short scale machine sound like nothing else. Rare, just try and find another. It took us a while just to find out the model number. Dano only made a few models of a year or two with that Raised Logo on Headstock. The body shape is also unlike most other Dano's. When it came it it was strung 6. We set it up 12 string and magic happened. The condition is next to new and would definitely be the focus of any collection and a must in a Dano line up. SOLD






Danelectro Wild Thing- Shown in Candy Apple Metalic Red and Matelic Blue these babies do look wild. They were designed in the 60'd but never produced. Still with thoes famous lip stick pups, they aim to desire. Take one for a ride and your fine out just how much bang you can get for your buck. Priced at $399.99 each. Sorry, no more Wild Things!




D-56 HUM-RED Danelectro- Single cut-a-way D-56 Dano in Vintage Red. New old stock mint and set up ready to go. Remember, while they last, buy ANY DANO and get a FREE DANELECTRO GIG BAG! SOLD







DC-59 Danelectro- Yes this is the Jimmy Page Model. Used but in perfect condition here's another def of cool. SOLD


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