It's all about the sound and to a lot of Guitarists that means a Hot Vintage Amp.

   Vintage Kustom K100 8 Amp

Kustom K100 8 Vintage 1968-72 Amp. This Retro Beauty is right out of The Jetson's if you recall that TV Show. This Tuck-& Roll Metallic Blue Mint Condition Amp is breathtaking at the least. 100 Watts with 4 X 8" Speakers Solid State. Extremely hard to find in this condition. $599.99

 1955 National Supreme Tweed

This National Supreme Tweed Valco Chicago 51 rocks just like a 57 Chevy. The condition is almost showroom as you can see. The marks are from metal bleeding through tweed just as are hearts were bleeding when we played the Dual 6V6 Tubes. This baby is 100% Original right down to the power cord. She's a Valco Chicago 51 Amp and we just can't get enough. $1,199.99

RARE 55 Fender Princeton 5E2

RARE 1955 Fender Princeton Model 5E2 Tweed Amp. This is one of the rarest of the original Princeton Tweeds. This tweed is all 100% original and correct. This is the only Princeton amp that came with a factory choke transformer. With the Model 5E2: The Princeton circuit gained a filter choke and a negative feedback loop and was only made for 2 years. The serial number is P-00057 super low number, It's stamp code on the tube chart, speaker, and chassis. EE which signifies the amp was assembled in May of 1955. The date code on the Jensen 8J11 V1263 speaker is 22504 so the speaker was manufactured the 4th week of 1955. The tweed covering and grill cloth on this amp are in  good condition for the age with some average imperfections and wear spots in the tweed for an amp of this era. The only eyesore is the discoloration around the bottom 2 screws. The handle is original and fully intact with minimal surface age cracks. The control panel chrome does show very minor pitting but all of the white printing is in good condition. Rare model of Jensen speaker installed and original. A non bell alnico model 8J11 (8J11v1263) with a date code of 22504 (Jensen/1955/4th week) These 8J11 speakers were made with the bell soon after. The speaker is in great shape with original cone and no holes. There is a piece of masking tape still attached to the chassis with the name Lily written on it. This is the person who originally wired the amp. The amp is in great condition considering its age and sounds great with no hum. I have removed it cleaned it and reinstalled it to ensure all is original and there are no issues. The tubes are vintage but not original. $1,799.99

Narrow Panel 5E2 and 5F2 1955-56
5E2 being the rarest. These rare versions were made with a cathode biased first gain stage. They also introduced negative feedback which gave them a smoother more even sound. Both used a choke transformer in the power section with rather minimal filtering.

          1960's Ameg Jet 12

1960's Ampeg Jet 12 in Museum Quality Condition. This Vintage Tube Amp has it all going on. It's all Original with the exception of the replace leather handle. Take a look at the pictures which speak for themselves. Even the unbelievable Ampeg Factory Info Warranty Card, WOW. The time when Rock-n-Roll took over the sounds waves and music was music. $799.99

 1965 Blackface Deluxe Reverb

Born To Run! 1965 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb and she's special. We purchased this wonderful amp from Thom Panunio, engine working in the music recording industry for many years. Well he was working at the Record Plant, in NYC, as assistant engineer in 1975. This 65 Deluxe was there as a studio amp for recordings. Just so happens Bruce Springsteen was there to record "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" album too. YES, this deluxe was used on that album and you can see Thom's name credited on the ablum covers. Also you can see on Fender Tube Chart dated OD, meaning 1965, clearly Thom's full name and phone number (at that time). On the speaker inside wall the same in pencil and a return paper label on back control panel (his old address). Thom is a great guy and we enjoyed speaking with him about old time. As for this baby Completely Original, with the exception of the 3 prong plug and filter caps, which we added for safety reasons. Sounds like HEAVEN. It's also really clean in mint condition. Grill cloth fine, tolex fine, black control panel fine, transformer original, speaker original, foot pedal Reverb/Vib original. Yes this is the one. We can't sell her right now, need to take it in for as long as it takes. Sorry, even though this baby was born to run, she's staying here, unless you make a great offer!

Fender 1966 Vibro Champ Blackface- Yes, mint condition vintage Fender Tube am with Tremolo. It's a win win! Completely original, with Fender Tube Chart on inside, and original cord. Tolex, grill cloth, kolbs, and blackface faceplate perfect. Great vintage sound and also $999.99

Vintage OAHU Publishing Co 1960's Amp. This amp was made by Valco, and is exactly a Supro 1606, which is now in high demand. She's all original with the exception of a 3 prong plug. SOLD


    Please check the Supro USA tab for all Supro Amps The Ledend Returns




   1959 Fender Tweed Vibrolux 

"PAINT IT BLACK"... This baby came back from the night. She sounded great but was a shadow in the dark. We bought this baby and someone, probably around mid 60's or so, wanted a New Black Fender look. They painted her with a black enamel and took a belt, cut it, and made a homemade handle. We have to admit it looked real cool as was! So this amp is a Rescue-Amp. 
Something was calling out to us, I need to be free, unveil me, I need to be myself, naked. Luckily the tweed lacquer save her from permanent color change. It took about 24 hours to scrape that thin coat off her and she's now a True Roadworn Queen. Maybe Lou named her with his album "Transformer". 
This 10 Watt Vintage Masterpiece, has a wonderful 10" Fender Blue-Bell Speaker, which sounds like a 1959 Cadillac purring down the road, fins and all. She has a replacement Fender handle but all the rest is original. Price for such and animal, PRICELESS!
Call for a price and we'll give you her number.

Early 60's Danelectro Centurion

Danelectro Centurion Model 272- This early 1960's tube amp is slightly colder than cool. Condition is very near mint/original, with just a replaced handle, AC cord, and some tubes. Note that the wood speaker cloth backing turned the grill cloth darker, nice. The TV front and nice gray tolex gives its age away. She screams like an x-girlfriend with wonderful tube tone. A favorite of ours and very hard to find in this condition. $699.99

Ampeg  1960's  Reverberocket

Ampeg Reverberocket 1960's all tube amp. This amp sounds great and in excellent condition. No real tolex ware and she comes with Original Ampeg Pedal. Pedal has Vibrato and Echo which is really Tremolo and Reverb. The only replacement and not original is the leather handle. A under rated amp and winner for sure. $899.99

66 Fender Blackface Tremolux

Fender 1966 Blackface Tremolux Amp- Some things are worth waiting for and here's one of them. 30 Watts, 2 10" Speakers, and a whole lot of soul power. This Blackface speaks for itself. Just the right size and power to get the job done. Note the condition, wowee. Truely the nicest one we ever came across. Another famous Vintage Fender Amp just hanging at Guitar Boutique. $1,999.99

1960's Kay Model 703 with Original Shipping Box- Like when did anyone keep a shipping box in the 60's? This is probably the only one around. This tube amp is in near to perfect condition. The only thing we found is the 8" Jensen Speaker may have been an upgrade. Speaker looks like the same period but these amps came with a stock smaller magnet speaker. Amp checker out to be in fine working order. Tolex, grill, handle, all original and without wear/damage. A great find to use or for the collection. $499.99

Sano GS15 Tube Amp- Here's a nice 1960's Point to Point Sano Tube Amp. She's in wonder All Original Condition. Nothing touched or fooled with. Just some control panel wear to speak of. This amp offers great tone, Tremolo, Reverb, app 15 Watts, Alinco 12" Speaker, foot switch, and comes with schematic. The real vintage sound, that over drives naturally, and the best thing is not a lot of coin to buy her. Remember Surfs Up, with tremolo/reverb, and original foot pedal! SOLD





Love this baby! Ampeg 1964-71 All Tube Gemini l Amp. She's 22 Watts,  12" speaker, with Tremolo. Condition is right on and it's VERY RARE to find her with the Original Rolling Coaster. Ready to Rock! $899.99

Gibson Vanguard Model GA-77RV Tweed- We are not charging for the cigarette burns on this amp, but if we were, it would be priced higher. This amp has a 15" Jensen Concert Speaker. 25-30 Watts with Reverb. Amp is All Original except for filter caps and a 3 prong plug. She has the original foot switch and that cool Gibson Plastic Handle. No problem for this amp to look and sound the part. She's vintage from the late 50's early 60's. Gibson stated near top of the line for that time period. $1,499.99






1970's Ampeg SB-12 Portaflex Amp- Don't let this all tube gem hide in the corner. Here's a great example of an Ameg flip-top. It was made for bass but I've heard some amazing guitarists play thru them. This is in great All Original Condition. $1,199.99

Gibson Skylark GA-5T 1961-62 with ivory tolex. This all tube baby has 4.5 watts with 8" Jensen design original speaker. Speaker has paper face repair many years ago. Just serviced with new filter caps and 3 prong plug. Tubes are 1-12AX7EH, 1-6BM8/ECL82, 1-5Y3GT. All other original condition. A gem in the ruff that can be compared to early Fender Champ Amp. $699.99

Gretsch- Here's a nice very clean All Tube Gretsch Model 6161 Dual Twin Tremolo Amp. These were made from 1962 to the late 60's. This one looks to be very early and really may have been produced by Valco. It's 19 Watts and powered by 2 6L6's and has a large transformer. It also has the original 2 X 12 Jensen Speakers which sound great. The control panel offers 2 inputs for Bass Guitar. One is printed Low and one printed High, a Volume and Tone. Channel 2 shows one input for Guitar and one for Accordion. This channel has a Volume, Tone, and Tremolo Speed/Depth. Black raised Tolex is in nice condition and handle original. This amp has been benched and fully in working condition. The grill cloth was replace with period original type cloth and also knobs were change to period non Gretsch knobs. The 6L6's were replaced, 5U4GB Tube, filter caps, and grounded plug added. This is one of the nicest Gretsch Amps we're had and sounds great too. $1199.99

1966 Fender Band Master


Fender Band Master- This 1966 Blackface Band Master is in excellent condition and sounds great. She has paper label inside head and has just had the once over. New power tubes, filter caps, and 3 prong power cord added. No issues and ready to rock. Just check out most of the bands from the sixties and you see one in the picture. $1,699.99

                1963 Fender                            Band Master Blonde




Fender 1963 Band Master- This quality Vintage Fender has shown up on so stages over the years and still to today does.  All Original with just the power cord and caps changed. It comes with Original Fender Foot Switch. Condition really nice for the age. $2,199.99







Sano Model 25WR Dual Channel Amplifier- Here's a almost Museum Quality Sano that's unbelievable. She's from the 1960's and comes complete with Original Cover, Foot Switch, and Warranty Card & Envelop. This one is cleaner than clean. It's all original except for the 3 prong cord and filter caps. Separate Treble Bass, Reverb Tremolo, well we think the pics show most. It has 2 Alnico 12" Original Speakers that are warm, clean, and scream. We found in California, but shipped her back to Jersey where she was manufactured. This one's a dream. $799.99

Above 1958 Gibson GA-9 Amplifier. This baby could make any guitar sound great and also excellent for the harmonica too. Are far as we can tell this is a GA-6 but with a Jensen Blue 10". We just love the cigarette burns on the Tweed Tolex. Brings back memories of yesterdays. Three prong grounded plug added, and new caps to insure safety, for the amp and musician. Condition very good for her age. She's a very cool little power house and the best little blues harp amp around. $1,199.99

Above Sano Bass 1 Guitar Amp- Late 1960's early 70's Sano Tube Amp in excellent condition. Amp has Tremolo with original foot pedal. Speaker is 15" and we guess that's why it's called a Bass 1. All original with that retro grill cloth. Put a little overdrive on this baby and she sings with wonderful tone. $499.99









This amp Rocked The Casbah before the Clash. All Original early 1970's Univox with Reverb and Tremolo. Condition is excellent and ready for the home, studio or collection. Yes, turn this baby up to 10 and she crawls. Tech just went over with no issues. Solid State 50W. A Vintage Bang for the Buck! SOLD

Fender 1961 Princeton Brownie

Fender Brown Face 1961 Princeton Amp- What else is there to say. A very highly sort after Fender Amp today. Did I hear you say RARE? Yes, these Amps are going for more and more every day. This baby is almost completely original. The only thing that has been replaced is the leather handle. Condition is a 9 out of 10 with a very slight variation in grill cloth as shown in photo.  This infraction does not effect the sound but you get it at a few buck less. It's just great to have this Amp to look at and even better to play. SOLD


Fender 1957 Princeton Tweed Amp- Pretty rare if you ask us. This Fender Princeton is in extremely clean condition. It's All Original except what you would expect. We installed new filter caps, 3 prong plug, and a new period leather Fender Style Handle. She has the original paper wiring diagram on side and this amp sounds full of tone. Rock-n-roll history that you love to use. Sorry, this baby's SOLD!


Fender Black Face 1966 Super Reverb- Here's the cleanest Super Reverb you will ever find, infact museum quality. Not a nick or any cosmetic condition we can find and all original too. This baby comes with the Original Fender Cover and a Heavy Duty Cover as well. Also, Original Fender Footswitch and this amp has never been fooled with. A Time Capsule for sure! Sale price SOLD

This baby sounded so sweet we almost didn't want it to go out the door.

Gibson GA-25 Amp- It's colder than cool. Here's a late 1940's Gibson all tube beauty. She was rockin before most of us were breathin. She's 25 Watts, with original 1 X 12" and 1 X 8" speakers. She's all original with the exception of filter caps, 3 prong AC cord, and leather period handle. Tolex is black with tiger brown stripes. The green indicator light makes it with those to die for Frankenstein Original Knobs. This baby's not overly loud, but when you turn her up, she's got that old fashion built in overdrive. A museum amp, that you can love to use, and increase in value to come. SOLD

♫ 1953 Fender Tweed Deluxe ♫

1953 Fender Deluxe Tweed Amp- Yes, the best all time seller for Fender. This baby is completely All Original except for the leather handle. Yes, you do find one from time to time, but check to see if she's ever been fooled with. Point to Point Wiring, Original Jensen Blue Bell Speaker, Tweed, Grill Cloth, it's all the real deal. Has original tube chart and all matching numbers too. This amp even has the original filter caps and plug. We can up date to a 3 prong and new caps if you desire but she sounds great as is. This is the best 53 we ever saw. Only one so get her when you can. SOLD

Who ever knew this would be the lunch box of all lunch boxes! 1959 Tweed Champ, do we have to say more. She's All Original, with the exception of a killer Mojo Speaker, filter caps, and a new AC cord. Yes, we do have the original speaker that goes along with sale. Get this, even the handle is original, and on Vinatge Champs, that's RARE. This baby's right at home in Guitar Boutiques Vintage Fender Collection, but we just took it out of our Private Stock! Now available, it's a special day when you acquire this amp. She screams tone without getting the cops to ring your bell. Sold

   1958 Gibson  GA-20T  Amp

1958 Gibson GA-20T Amp in close to mint condition. Yes, T stands for tremolo and this baby sings with it! She comes with original foot switch and Jensen Blue Bell Speaker. AC 3 prong plug added for grounding and voltage caps replaced due to age. These were 16 Watts and nick named, "The Tweed Killers", going after the Fender line inwhich they sure did. This amp is so good that when we bought one from the owner, he missed it so much, we sold it back to him and shipped it back to Canada! SOLD

Vintage Fender Princeton 1950's Tweed- This baby sold and we're kinda sorry it went. In this condition the Princeton Tweeds are getting hard to find. She was a dream to play and now just a dream!   

  1954 Valso Chicago 51 Tube

Here's a Oahu Valco made Chicago 51 Tube Amp that sounds more than great. If you want that tone, or a blues player, here's the tube wonder for you. Made by Valso for Oahu, this baby houses 2 6V6 in the power line up. There's nothing like point to point vintage. She goes from clean to a mad dog. Condition is excellent and 100% original. SOLD


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