Used & New Amplifiers- We offer a wide array  of Beginner, Practice Intermediate, and Professional Amps. Some name brands include Create, Epiphone, Fender, Gorilla, Ibanez, Line 6, Marshall, Peavey, Pignose, Orange, Fuchs, Belcat, etc. In today's world of amplifiers, little doesn't have to mean small. Amps start at $35.00 and up. Call or stop in for todays inventory.


OK boys, this is where we get the Juice! There's rumor's that Benjamin Franklin had a client that wanted to amplify his guitar. So that's what he was doing with that kite. Whatever the truth is we wouldn't be rocking if it wasn't for the Electric Guitar Amplifier today. Guitarists are just crazy about that TONE and how that can alter it. They want to change there Speaker, use Effects, lite up those Tubes, up the Watt's and turn that knob to 11. Guitar Boutique will be happy to help you achieve your goal. We carry Acoustic, Belcat, Black Star, Carr, Crate, Egnater, Epiphone, Fender, Gallien Krueger, Gibson, Hartke,  Kustom, Laney, Line 6, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Peavey, Rolland, Sano, Silvertone, and Vox just to name a few. Of course we can fix your baby if it needs it. Vintage Amps are very hot on today market. We do have a selection of Vintage Fender Brown and Blonde Tolex Models in stock. We also have Black Faces Fenders that will take your breath away. One of our Best Sellers right out of the box are Belcat Amps. A Great Tube Sound, with Spring Reverb, at a Wonderful Low Price. So if you looking for a deal, and would like personal attention, come to Guitar Boutique.


  1980's Mesa Boogie Mark II B

Mesa Boogie Mark II B Head in the nicest condition you can find. We took this great amp in from a recording studio. Hardly used and in mint condition. Works fine with no issues. This is a type that Santana used to get that cool sound. We just attended a Carlos Santana Tribute Band and the guitarist was using the same head. 60 Watts of tone tube sound and clean to scream. Hand made in the great old USA Vintage Mesa Boogie. This is Mesa Engineering from the day balls out with no fringe. $1,695.00

Marshall and what a stack! All tube JCM 900 100 Watt Hi Gain Dual Reverb Head. 1960 Marshall Slant Lead Speaker Cabinet. Both are in perfect cosmetic/working condition and all original too. Top head $699.99, and bottom cab $599.99, but both for $1,199.99 priced right.

PIGNOSE, yes we're here at Guitar Boutique! The Pignose Legendary 7-100 Portable Amp is their original portable practice amp, complete with pig-snout on/off switch and volume control. The case opens for easy access to the amplifier's speaker and other insides. You can even have a friend fan the case open and closed for a wah-wah effect! 

The Legendary Pignose Amp also offers a preamp out jack for plugging those classic distortion sounds into an external power amp, PA, or recording console. This little Pignose is a quality-built amp with metal corner protectors, tough covering, and a rugged 6" speaker. The portable Pignose Legendary 7-100 weighs just 5 lbs and runs on batteries or its optional power supply. $89.95

The Peavey ValveKing Royal 8 is a true Class A tube guitar amplifier designed to give players the punchy dynamics and tones that inspired rock 'n' roll's greatest riffs. Perfect for rehearsing, the Royal 8 combo amp features the simple interface of a single tone control, dual inputs, and master volume and gain controls that can be adjusted for either class A "breakup" power amp tones achieved by reducing the gain and increasing the master volume, or preamp distortion, which you can access by reducing the master volume and cranking the gain. The Royal 8 amplifier's single-channel design emphasizes the dynamic relationship of the power amp components to produce volume and headroom that belies its small size and wattage.


This amo is no longer being produced and in mint condition. Sold for About $450.00 or so. $299.99


  • This true Class A amp uses EL84/6BQ5 output tube and one 12AX7/ECCC83 preamp tube with no negative feedback in the power amp
  • 5 watts into 8 ohms
  • Gain and master volume
  • 8 inch speaker
  • High and low gain inputs

$ STOLEN  $500.00  REWARD $

1990's Mesa Boogie Studio 22 Tube Amp 1 X 12" Speaker, with Mesa Pedal, in excellent condition. $100.00 REWARD for info or return no question asked OR $500.00 REWARD imfomation leading to person with possession of Stolen Amp and ARREST! Call 201-945-5577 no questions asked. This is reported stolen merchandise with serial number. DO NOT BUY or if your court with it you will be charge with Possession of Stolen Merchandise. ALSO, DO NOT BUY if serial number is defaced. We have photos of complete board with pots.


Mesa Boogie Studio 22 + Tube Amp- Here's a quality inexpensive great all tube amp. She's 22 Watts, has stock Mesa Boogie Vintage Black Shadow Speaker, and also Original Foot Pedal. Condition is mint perfect and she's just been checked and sounds fantastic. We think it's a late 80's model. This amp plays clean and dirty. Screams in both channels and cost so little. $699.99 while it lasts. Come take her for a spin!

Ampeg Rocket B-100R- Here's a wonderful reissue look of those fabulous vintage Ampeg Amps of the 60's. This Bass Combo Amp has the same warm tone and simple controls that made the Portaflex Ampegs of the '60s so popular, but it's solid-state for lighter weight and optimum reliability. 100W of power push a single vintage 15" driver. Blue Diamond covering gives it the classic Ampeg look of the '60s. This baby's in mint condition with no wear at all. She has coasters for easy transport. $399.99

1959 Tweed Bassman Reissue

This Fender 59 Bassman Reissue is in slightly used but cared for condition. It sounds great and you get a fantastic amp for a lot less coin. Fender Original Brown Cover. Priced to sell $999.99


Everyone knows the FENDER Bassman is one of the most legendary guitar amps of all time. With the 59 Bassman LTD, you'll think you've jumped into a Time Machine, and snagged one right out of 1959, then added a few tweaks for good measure. This vintage reissue is an all-tube 4 x 10" beauty that offers up 45 Watts for your gigging and recording pleasure. It's got new U.S. made GT-6L6-GE Output Tubes, an original-spec 5AR4 Rectifier Tube, and improved 12AX7 Preamp Tubes all in the name of tone, tone, and more tone. The look you love is here too, courtesy of a Genuine Lacquered-Tweed covering and a striped Oxblood Grille Cloth. So when it's Bassman you're after, there's no need to bust your budget on an impossible-to-find vintage amp, please your ears with this 59 Bassman LTD reissue.

Fender 59 Bassman LTD 45-watt Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:

45-watt tube guitar amplifier
4 x 10" (Jensen P-10R)
2 channels — normal and bright
Chrome control panel
Solid finger-jointed pine cabinet
New U.S.-made GT-6L6-GE output tubes, improved 12AX7 preamp tubes, original-spec 5AR4 Rectifier tube, internal bias pot (makes it easier to experiment with various output tubes)
Fitted cover is included
Controls that go to 12, 4 inputs (2 per channel)
Standby switch
Controls: Presence, middle, bass, treble, volume (bright channel), volume (normal channel)
Covering: Genuine lacquered tweed with striped oxblood grille cloth
Weight: 53 lbs.
Height: 22.37"
Width: 23.5"
Depth: 10.5"

Tech Specs

Number of Channels2
Total Power45W
Speaker Size4 x 10" Jensen P-10R
EQMiddle, Bass, Treble
Preamp Tubes3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes2 x 6L6, 1 x 5AR4 (Rectifier)
Inputs2 x Instrument (Ch 1), 2 x Instrument (Ch 2)
Weight53 lbs

Fender Champ 12- Retro Look Black Face Champ from 80's or so. All Tube with 12" Original Fender Speaker. Condition Excellent Like New, sounds real nice with that all tube vintage vib. Your not seeing double, that's also another RED KNOB Fender Champ 12.  Priced at a nice $349.99 on left and red knob is $399.99.



Belcat Tube Amps

I love playing on my Belcat. Why, because these amps sound great clean and turn it up WOW! They sell for less than their competitors and we think sound better. Belcat Tube Amps have a wonderful Spring Reverb. So good I keep it on 3 to 4. All Tube with a Gain and a Boost Button. Every time I play out someone states how good my guitar sounds, or what's that great sounding amp? Check them out and you'll see why at Guitar Boutique.

Belcat Tube 10- The best little Tube Amp on the market, AND SHE DELIVERS! That great Belcat Tube Sound and this baby is loud enough to gig with. She's can be compared to the best Vintage Champ you'll ever hear. Also wonderful for the HARP PLAYER. Tone, Gain, and Punch, you'll never regret buying this lil powerhouse. Amp not shown in picture. It's the same style as a Fender Champ but a full 10 Watts. We have only 1 LEFT in STOCK so purchase while they last. $299.99


Belcat TUBE 50R- Good for any venue from Nite club, Party or MSG. This amp offers 50 Watts RMS of pure tone. It has on board a Celestion Seventy 80 12" Speaker. Also the 50R has a Send/Return Channel and a FAT Button. This combo amp is small enough for gigs and light weight with a powerful punch. For the price offered no New Fender comes close AT ALL. We have ONLY ONE left in stock. Here but sounds so good may not sell. Not for sale in USA anymore.











Marshall Valvestate VS-100- This White Tolex Limited Edition has the looks and is a Power House. Condition in very near mint with no tears or damages at all. Comes with Original Marshall Foot Switch. $999.99










What is Valvestate? Quite simply Valvestate technology emulates the superb tone of a cranked to the max all-valve power stage with uncanny accuracy. The result is a highly versatile range of amps which couple the cost cutting advantages of solid state technology with the all-valve sound every guitarist lusts after - a winning combination that has been welcomed with open arms by axemen, and axewomen, all over the globe.



Marshall Valvestate S80- This Marshall pushes 80 Watts, 40 Watts per side stereo chorus combo. It houses  2x 12” Celestion G12T speakers, Clean, OD1 and OD2. She has Reverb, FX Loop, Chorus Rate & Depth Controls. Included is Marshall Footswitch. Works great and condition clean. $399.99











Peavey Classic 50- Tweed great sounding All Tube Amp from several years ago. This design looked much more like the Classic Fender Tweeds. 50 Watts into Two 12's.  We have 2 in stock now. One for $449.99 and the other for $549.99 both complete with Orginal Peavey Footswitch.




Orange Tiny Terror Tube Head- Here's a GREAT TUBE HEAD for a discounted price. She was just checked out and sounds wonderful. 7 to 15 Watt Switching and 8 or 16 Ohm Speaker inputs. Condition is excellent and price is right. Check out what you've been missing. SOLD





Hartke Bass Amps- Yes we carry Hartke, one of the Best Bass Amps on the market. Every place you look today you see them. Check out the specs on line and find just why. Call for pricing or stop in for a Demo. 








Rolland Jazz Chorus 77- Rolland's Two 10" Speakers with 77 Watts Solid State. Great Clean and Dirty Channels. Condition very good and runs fine. Comes with Original Rolland Cover and Footswitch. Sold







Fender Limited Edition Maple Sunburst Hot Rod Deluxe- This baby is super clean and has the same features as original Hot Rod Deluxe except Solid Maple Cabinet with Fender Sunburst Finish. Amp comes with Original Fender Cover, Foot Switch and is a Rare Find for sure. SOLD




Below Fans of Queen recognize the unmistakable guitar tones of Brian May. His smoothly overdriven, almost violin like guitar solos can be heard in such songs as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "You're My Best Friend."

His signature guitar tone was largely developed by passing his guitar signal first through a treble booster, then through the input of a hand made low wattage "Deacy" tube amplifier made for Brian by Queen bassist John Deacon. The output of the "Deacy" amp then feeds an array of up to twelve non top boosted Vox AC-30 amplifiers.
Vox introduced the VBM-1 Brian May Special amplifier in 2003. Vox wanted to build a package that would combine both the treble booster and the sound of the "Deacy" amp circuit. Brian May allowed Vox engineers access to the "Deacy" amp so they could develop the circuits necessary to accurately reproduce these unmistakable tones. The amp featured a unique white vinyl covering and a "Brian May" logo on the grill. No longer being produced. Used but in new condition. SOLD







Vox AC15- All Tube 15 Watt state of the art amplifier with Custom Heavy Duty Vox Logo Cover. Condition is Mint and the Reverb/Tremolo one of the best on the market. Comes with Original Vox Foot Pedal. SOLD 



Fender 1965 Reissue Deluxe Reverb Amp. Here's a New Blast from the Past! She's like half of a Twin Reverb with Tremolo. This baby's in Mint Condition, with Original Fender Foot Switch, and Fender Cover too. She's also has an speaker upgrade, with a Celestion Vintage Series G12H Speaker, that breaks up real nice and has that tone we are all looking for. Amp sounds great and just begging for a gig. Close your winders and turn her up for a ride you wont forget. SOLD


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