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For me, owner of Guitar Boutique, it was the first time I saw The Beatles and played a old set of Slingerland Drums. It was the 60's, blown away, and I had the fever. In the 70's I upgraded to a Blue Sparkle Ludwig Set with Zildjian Cymbals. Music always had a strong influence in my life. I played records of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Winter, John Lennon, Doors, Cream, Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck with Mod Rod, to name a few. During those years I had no wheels, so I walked from town to town playing the Harmonica. The sound of my steps kept the beat. If I had time to kill I played the blues, but if time was short, I played Rock-n-Roll. I remember one summer at Seaside Heights NJ when my father won me a Guitar on the boardwalk. A few years later I bought a used Guitar from my barber. It was 1975 and the Guitar was a 1957 Gibson Les Paul TV Model in a clipboard cardboard case. I guess that was the point of no return. In the year 1990 I bought a store that was a candy store when I was in my teens. I bought baseball cards there and never knew it would become my Guitar Heaven Guitar Boutique. Now instead of punching a clock a do my hobby that I live for.

Music is an art form plain and simple. Playing a instrument is an exercise for your brain. It's exercises a part of your brain which is only used for that. I found playing the guitar total relaxation while being stimulated, yes even exciting at times. It give you a time out from the rest of life, musical yoga. Your ears send a message, then the feeling is activated, you see and have a thought process, imagery, a visually descriptive or figurative language all in the course of a micro second.This communication with ones self is not exactly like any other action. Pleasing, rewarding, a sanctuary. I hope if you are not finding this in the form of music you are experiencing it in some other way. Thank you for your time at Guitar Boutique.

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